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Tragically Hipped


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Yay Canada and all that jazzzzz and a woo hoo for Kingston locals. Now that that's out of the way, allow me to express my disgust for what has become the worst fan base on the planet. I used to love hip shows. Now, I don't even think about buying tickets.

"Let's all get drunk and go to a show just so that we can say we were there when we're talking to someone at a frat party in a few weeks. And let's talk throughout the entire show and not share buds and make our football team's score on the weekend known to everyone in the venue. And also, let's grind with girls who are there for the music and ruin the show for everyone around us. And shove the smaller people who can't see the stage as well as everyone else. And take off our shirts and start fights."

It is disgraceful, disrespectful, and has forced me to not go to see the hip anymore. You can't groove to the hip, you're not there for jams. So it's difficult to let it slide.

Anyways, peace and love for the week to everyone.

This week's choice cheese: Cracker Barrel Marbel




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the last hip show i enjoyed was their last "Roadside Attraction" with wilco and los lobos.... great shit

now it just that cheesehead, plus the odd dufus in the front row who tries to act like gord downey - i'd like to add, mr. downey is a master of lyrical jamming

anyway, i can't help but say "would you like some cheese with that whine?" [Wink]

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