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Help a brother out.

I am desprately in search of a Phish show on CD. I am trying to get a copy of 9/30/95 Shoreline.

Can anyone help me out? It's the weirdest thing, everyone I talk to said there was some weird show mojo going on and everyones decks wen't down and nobody has a complete show.


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Hey HP3,

I was checking out what was so special about this show, and I think you're on to something. Nice setlist, with a deadication to Jerry for Blue & Lonesome, and the first Chess move I think?

I've been looked around for some mp3's and haven't found any yet. However, I have found a few traders with the entire show. So it does exist.

This dude has it on CDR. You'd need to find a trade for him.

Hal Waterman

351 Dorchester Street #3

Boston, MA 02127-2739 Hal


Her's another guy with it on CDR (he's in Japan though):


They both say that their quality is A-

I don't know if this helps Pipes, I'll keep looking for MP3's...I want the show too.

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That's the show that Blaker and Dave Ross (Dave Ross's first and only phish-cperienc) were at. Paul played me a tape of it when I was visiting him in Victoria. I loved the Blue and Lonesome dedication. I can't remember if he only had one tape or the whole show, but that story sounds familiar.

Maybe Paul knows something. Hell maybe you've already talked to the british bulldog already about it or marmite and toast.

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Oh it was a sick show allright!!

Don't forget the white rabbit jam. A sick Reba and an antelope that would tear your head off.

The dedication to Jerry,Fog that surrounds, a crazy Scent,Mikes Song, Hydrogen, Weekapaugh and a smoking good times bad times plus it was trey's birthday.My cassete is worn out and I have to get it on C.D.!!

Thanks for the help fellas.

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