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  1. bouche

    Get your Coachella stream on

  2. bouche

    Ottawa Bluesfest 2018 Official Thread

    RBC Bluesfest organizers today announced the addition of ‘fest favourites, Blue Rodeo. Since the festival’s inception, Blue Rodeo has repeatedly charmed, thrilled, and outright rocked RBC Bluesfest audiences. They’ll be appearing on July 12. It’s great to have Blue Rodeo back after a few years’ hiatus from the line-up,” says the festival’s executive and artistic director, Mark Monahan. “Their live show ranks right up there among the best we’ve staged—it’s a performance I personally look forward to whenever they’re here, and it always seems to get better!” This year should be no different as the band will be rolling out tunes from their latest album ‘1000 Arms’, which is receiving rave reviews. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=n7Cvntzojr4 Other acts added since the initial launch include: Common Deer (July 8); Eat A Peach: Allman Brothers Band Tribute (July 12); Hunter Siegel and Chuurch, presented by Deadbeats (July 13); and Lilly Hiatt (July 14). In other news—due to a scheduling conflict, Shaggy will not be able to perform at this year’s festival. Also of note, the first day of the event (July 5) will feature an opening ceremony showcasing Algonquin-Anishinabe Youth Hand Drummers from Kitigan Zibi and Barriere Lake As in previous years, the festival continues to add acts to their line-up after the initial launch. For those who haven’t already purchased tickets, this makes it even more compelling to get some. “In recent years, our multiple 3-day ticket packages have become the most popular purchase,” says Monahan. As always, prices are subject to change, so I suggest folks snap these up sooner than later.” Details can be found on the ‘tickets page’ on the festival’s website.
  3. bouche

    Neil Young & Daryl Hannah's Paradox

    I was just listening to an interview with David Crosby on Adam Carolla's podcast. He was talking about how he had answered a question after an interview ended about his thoughts on Darryl Hannah dating Neil Young. I didn't realize that they were a couple. Apparently the interviewer took his words, which described her as a gold digger, and posted them on the internet which ended up pissing off Neil. Crosby regretted saying anything and that he was an idiot for running his mouth off, and his perceptions were based on crap his agent had been saying to him.
  4. bouche

    Forums have been moved - finally

    I discovered that there was a 5 min time limit set on editing one's own posts. I've removed that as I don't think that has ever been in place for members.
  5. bouche

    Forums have been moved - finally

    Thanks Esau. I didn't notice that. Not sure how or when that happened.
  6. bouche

    The Souljazz Orchestra

    with DJ Zattar
  7. bouche

    This Chicago concert vid

    Terry Kath's killer guitar solos, and Peter Cetera's super groovy bass ftw
  8. bouche

    Forums have been moved - finally

    If that happens again, just create a ticket with SSC.
  9. Now that the forums have moved to a new cloud-based service and running on machines dedicated to these forums, you'll find that www.jambands.ca points directly to this community now rather than a blog hosted elsewhere. If you had a bookmark to the old path to the forums, (www.jambands.ca/f) you can now update it and remove the slash-f. All of the articles have been imported into this system, but they still need to be consolidated and tweaked (images did not import properly and have to all be re-applied manually). There will be a section for posting reviews, etc, much like the blog, but it will be integrated into this community's database of users and forum posts. For now, things are as they were, but expect to see tweaks and changes. Thanks for your patience and support. PS: If you notice any strange things, please raise the issue. Exporting/Importing systems can create bizarre side-effects. For example, this morning, there was no TextBox to type out a post. But that has been fixed.
  10. bouche

    Ottawa Jazz Festival

    Happy to see Lake Street Dive back on board. Obviously they will be a main stage act this year after packing the tent in 2014. Who are all these other people playing anyway?
  11. bouche

    WHOA!! ADHD!!!

    the static image certainly presents 66% worth of killer beards.
  12. bouche

    Enjoy Trivia?

    thanks for the bonuses! i've only made it to Q10 once. sometimes, Q7 but mainly lose out by Q5 or 6. Saving free lives for Q9 or greater. lol.
  13. bouche

    Enjoy Trivia?

    What Rogowsky is listening to right now
  14. bouche

    Enjoy Trivia?

    Muchos gracias. Have not played the Q. I'm fine with HQ, despite amount it pisses me off.