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  1. jesus murphy. i thought it was a good idea to have a dedicated forum for these so each broadcast could have their own discussion. maybe that isn't what the world needs. 🤪
  2. https://nathansland.com/holler-and-hope Check out the credits on this great collaboration project. Lots of Brad Barr involvement. Also, there is a special guest listed for "Bad Time to Be a Clown" Pay what you want, and download. However, it's also available to stream on Apple Music, Spotify, etc.
  3. apparently, the ability to play the tracks is disabled or not working right now. but here is a great live performance by Surprise Me Mr. Davis
  4. damn this project of his is coming along fine. He's been doing live streams on youtube, and has a discord channel live discussion going. His streams have been him basically bringing in submitted tracks and seeing if they fit, mixing in real-time, taking advice from people in the chat. I was watching his stream last night and he was working on Bad Time To Be A Clown and was working with my submission on his final mix. His latest 'final mix' for that is live on his site. I was shocked that he didn't turf my submission. approximately 1h12m is the start of my part getting critique
  5. i submitted a guitar track for Bad Time to Be a CLown there isn't much time left for submission, so I just picked a random song on which to focus. fuck i love his songwriting. everything is gold. I exported my contribution (electric guitar) mixed in with his raw track. nothing special but maybe he'll use something https://www.dropbox.com/s/d7bxax7raw5hpt1/bad-time-to-be-a-clown.mp3?dl=0
  6. bouche

    Todd's blog

    Awesome. That will be a great source for Toddities
  7. If you have the tools to record and participate, this is worth your time. You can be part of Nathan's next recording but time is running short according to his post. https://nathansland.com/picking-the-lockdown Nathan created a Hippy Fiasco record about 8 years ago. He recorded people all over the place, and even provided tracks for people to add their own tracks. As a joke, I suggested I could add tambourine, and he walked me through setting up his tracks in Garage Band. I sent him my tambourine track for Just Sayin', and he mixed it in to the final master. If you have
  8. Hello friends, We hope you are doing as well as can be in these crazy times. We're writing with some exciting news. If you haven’t already heard, last month we launched The Barr Brothers' Patreon Catharsis Experiment. “What is that?”, you ask. For roughly the same price as a hot chocolate, you can have access to an avalanche of rare and exclusive Barr Brothers material, rolled out in doses, that you won't find anywhere else. It's in this domain that we'll be emancipating the odds and ends, the static orphans, the dusty hard drives, the archival footage, and new music splatter that ha
  9. need a "maybe?" option on account a massive sick late last january.
  10. 30 tracks. all covers, including Prince's Sign O' the Times. https://kevinbreit.bandcamp.com <a data-cke-saved-href="https://kevinbreit.bandcamp.com/album/i-love-you" href="https://kevinbreit.bandcamp.com/album/i-love-you">I Love You by Kevin Breit</a>
  11. that's sounding great. have you tried remote jams with JamKazam? can be tricky to setup but it is remarkable software.
  12. incredible. thanks for sharing!
  13. https://relix.com/news/detail/relix-to-debut-twitch-channel-with-free-joe-russos-almost-dead-livestreams/ https://www.twitch.tv/therelixchannel
  14. this is 2020. the proper heckle is /r/alfredhoward
  15. Brad Barr Collaborates with Alfred Howard on New Track “Coauthors” - Jambands.com
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