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  1. To late? Birthday boy on 07/07/2010
  2. bouche

    Ottawa Jazzfest

    Chicago is incredibly interesting because of their catalog. Pretty much a licensed cover band at this point though, yeah? I'm a sucker for Norah Jones, and the Roots are gonna be a good one, perhaps even find out what DJ Questlove is like. Perhaps i will attend my first Macbook show lol.
  3. Sounds like she was Prince-fluenced back in 2009.
  4. Wow. I finally watched the Netflix doc. I'm so interested in the making of this. There is so much footage that probably wasn't easy to get, especially near the end where Billy is actively scamming people while on bail. Impressive doc production. While having no narrator, the story was told entirely through footage and I wonder if there was anyway to make any of this look good with creative editing. Some of the participants had a great spirit about the failure and their involvement, while being open to having responsibility but also humbly respecting the fact that they believed in what they were doing. I just don't understand how anyone would buy into this guy. He has one of them contrived, creepy, untrustworthy, even forced perma-grins as seen on the face of such people such as Pharma bro Shkerli or even a president VIP appears to be the most expensive 3 letters these days. He took advantage of that in such a selfish manner.
  5. i have a few video clips taken clandestinely from my hip as well. i need to smash them together and will share.
  6. That was swell running into you guys. I wasn't sure who had been planning on it. Kevin offered quite a touching tribute/shout-out to Bradm. 😭
  7. https://ottawajazzfestival.com/artists/kevin-breit/
  8. Let It Be was one of the MOST difficult movies to find back in the VHS/Beta days. I eventually managed to find a copy and watched it so many fucking times. It should be interesting to see what sort of a different take a documentarian can craft with all of that footage and audio.
  9. CleanTones is a hero. Considering the massive library…any suggestions? There are a few I recognize already but goddamn that is alot of GB upon which to decide.
  10. 1987 - George harrison with Dylan Jon Fogerthy, Jesse Ed Davis and Taj Mahal. Rough capture but very cool to explore.
  11. wow that Ryley Walker is incredible. Thanks. blasted it during some cooking projects today. would love to see that live and have great respect for those going and skipping DMB in favour.
  12. http://www.wtfpod.com/podcast/episode-972-jeff-tweedy
  13. It was very dark in the accessible porta-potty. So I'm not sure that it counts.
  14. Some kind of farm equipment.
  15. Sorry for the anxiety. my credit card was hijacked for $6000 and I had to turf it and get a new one. I thought I'd updated my billing correctly but the invoice was hosed and license expired. Thanks to Davey-Boy for notifying me.
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