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Vida Blue Tour Dates Announced!


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Alas, nothing terribly close by.... just have to wait for Summer Tour to see if they get closer...

Link: Vida Blue Spring Tour

(I do find it strange that The New Deal would be chosen to open these shows, only because it seems weird to put a keyboards/drums/bass jam band in front of a keyboard/drums/bass jam band, eh? Still, I just slobber all over the place at the idea of those fellows hooking up for a jam at some point.)

A side story that I read once on the New Deal newsgroup: once, when Jamie Shields of tND was still with One Step Beyond, they were playing at Club Metronome in Burlington, VT. Dude is standing at the merch table checking it out when Page sidles up next to him and purchases a One Step CD. The dude gets talking to him, during which Page calls Jamie Shields "one of my favorites", referring to his playing, of course. So, I can only imagine what those two keyboard-heads will get up to on the road together.... I dig Page a lot!

Jamie Shields is going to have a hell of a Spring: right off the road with Herbie and back on the road with Page! I'd love to talk to Jamie about it and get the skinnies.... Right on!!!!!!! grin.gif" border="0

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