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  1. PassedOutGuy

    Oysterhead @ bonnaroo video download

    No called it a night after GRAB. The weather was awesome and totally LOVED the when the rains came down during Phil's set on Sunday. Perfectly refreshing.
  2. PassedOutGuy

    Oysterhead @ bonnaroo video download

    Yup... met my Alaskan Mama future wife there.... Absolutely magical weekend.
  3. Doors at 8... what is the scheduled show times?
  4. PassedOutGuy

    Forums have been moved - finally

    Cheers Mike!!
  5. PassedOutGuy


    I'm ready for August too. Already making plans... will probably be staying about 25 miles from the venue Wednesday night then on the grounds sometime mid morning Thursday. Missed Magna so we are so happy to return to the Glen!
  6. I would love to but its my sons birthday and we are off to Niagara for some waterpark fun.
  7. PassedOutGuy

    Happy Birthday edger!

    Cheers to ya!
  8. PassedOutGuy

    David Byrne in BUffalo March 6th

    Just grabbed a pair 4th row balcony centre. So very stoked... Big bucket list for me... obviously not as big as the Talking Heads but Ill take it. There are still lots available now through the presale.... pw is lifetime. Use the map to search for tickets.
  9. PassedOutGuy

    Eyes of the World

    Sunglasses , pink tie dye. What do I win?
  10. PassedOutGuy

    Horrible news for our community: RIP BradM

    These recollections Ive read on facebook and here have been pretty tough to process tonight. Im having a hard time putting the words down that I really want to say. BradM was a wonderful person and his legacy will live on not just on here or through the music but with all of us whom he touched in some way. He was a blessing to this community. I have so much more that I want to say and express but just cant get the words out... for now; Rest in loving Peace BradM. Vibrating with Love and Light.
  11. PassedOutGuy

    Baker's Dozen favorites

    Man that Scents and Subtle Sounds gets into some fun places but damn it hurt getting there. Not the best of beginnings but I have always loved where this song goes. Picking up and finishing off NMINML was brilliant. My God do I love it when they fall into a groove and just sit back in there for a while. Favourite SASS seen being Deer Creek 03. Edited to add... that was freakin great!
  12. PassedOutGuy

    Bathtub Gin at the Great Went

    I can get on board with this thread. While I didnt make it to the Went, this jam is absolutely soaring, swirling, powerful. patient, locked in, beautifulness. Only a made up word could do this version justice.
  13. PassedOutGuy

    Dark Star Orchestra, Thur Aug 3rd, Buffalo

    Come on peeps... free VIP ticket here... come and have some fun down at Canalside.
  14. PassedOutGuy

    17 years gone brah... Phish 7.6.00

    One of my all time favourite first sets... turning to Booche and saying... " Theres no need for this YEM". Of course there was but I was completely content with them taking set break after Golgi. Beautiful Reba opener and an all time raging moma set the tone for a great night.