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  1. Just downloaded this Esau... cant wait to give it a listen.
  2. Garcia Volume 15 is hitting the spot right now.... starting off with a crazy 17 minute escapade between Jerry's guitar and the B3
  3. His new standup on netflix is absolutely brilliant. So funny I was crying.
  4. Godspeed You! Black Emperor at 4:55 AM while trying to get back to normal sleep cycle after a month of overnights is beautiful on the headphones. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZwQeZh6rP0
  5. Mars Hotel have backed out of the festival, They arent sure its even going to go on with the way the promoters have treated them.
  6. Trev there will be tonnes of cheap tickets in the lot. See ya'll there.
  7. To be honest we may be trying for Pavs in the morning. We got right field lower box the first night and upper deck 1st base side for the second night of Fenway so I would like to get him close in TO if possible. 200's or lawns is the way I look at it. Either way we will find a way to hang out!
  8. These will be Garreth's first Phish shows. He is so excited. We will be on the lawn in Toronto if anyone wants to say hi.
  9. Damn man... wish I had of come on here. Mellie and I were there for Saturday and Sunday. Would have been great to see you.
  10. Still on the hunt for any torrent sites that are private (ie... can trade an IP Torrents invite for). Had a couple of copywrite warnings for shows for my son so need to find something secure.
  11. It was... surreal. With Jamie and Sean Taylor in the lead truck, Scottie King ahead of Mellie and I, we just rolled into what was about to become our campsite when the announcement came over the bunny. Thank goodness they decided to do FM after all. I was floored. We were allowed to spend the night on the site so we got re routed to a great site and set up for a night of who can go the hardest. I think Sean won that one Great to see Jay and Kyla drop by for a visit and some ladderball. Sorry to those i missed... PassedOutGuy in full affect by 2 AM. Woke up and tore down... drove for about 2 hrs to Geneseo NY and checked into a Hampton Inn and proceeded to sleep for 6 hrs. Drove home today and realized we need some Phish. So we bought two nights at the Rosemont Allstate Arena in October. Bring on fall tour. Its been a very hard pill to swallow. We had planned our entire summer around this weekend. Our first adult time in I dont know how long. Mellie had trained for and was so excited to run the Runaway Jim 5k but its all for naught. I do think of those in town that have to live with the situation. With boiling water and cleaning up after the disaster. My heart goes out to them. I also feel for the entire Phish community from the band, crew to the fans. We are privileged to be apart of this community and will continue to love and support you all. Vibrating with Love and Light...
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