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nerolog, Stardate 021502


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nero w/???@ Scherzo, Kingston, Ont.

Hard to believe, but this was nero's first show in Kingston - essentially Ottawa's backyard. The Scherzo is a nice room and Kingston's a great town full of beautiful people, and a lot of folks caught nero for the very first time. That being said, a great crowd of people came down from Ottawa (and, is it Smiths Falls all you other folks are from?) and managed to control the dance floor (and the beer taps) all night. nero started late and played a solid first set. Their Herbie Hancock cover of Chameleon stretched into new levels of improv for the guys; playing with rhythm and abandoning structure completely before bringing it back home. Nice to hear. A huge crowd (cloud?) of conspiciaety gathered for communion outside during the setbreak, and soon nero launched into a stellar second set that was capped with a first-time performance of their new tune, Lemondust. This set got as heavy as Metlicca (fr. sp.) at times, and was really just a massive sweaty good time for all. Tonight's two stars are: Jay, for rocking really, really hard, and Brad, for performing some of the best dancing-while-seated I've seen in a while.

I'll be kind and refrain from mentioning the opening band, except to say that the lead guitarist is gonna be really big some day.

All too soon a carload of us were on the road, with yours truly at the helm, trusty chocolate milk and untainted liver in tow. All too soon my alarm went off and rudely reminded me that my decrepit, sleep deprived mind had to go to work and educate the masses. For now.

Quote of the day (to everyone). "You wanna buy our cd? It's only three bucks."


Wispy Mountain Wonder




Miko Mard

401 Theme


Holetown Charlie>

Oregano Mice


Wata Bug


Speed Queen


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