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New Deal shows


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I'll do some shows for you.

I'll do a B & P:

send 4 or 5 discs, along with ample postage inside one mailer (don't add an extra mailer) to:

Keri Kennedy

23432 Prince ALbert Road

Chatham, ON

N7M 5J1

be sure to add a little note reminding me that I'm doing you up some tND shows.

Take it easy,


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Some advice Backbacon, get something in return - this guy has more music than anyone I've ever known - I think he's a competitive collector - you hit 10,000 discs yet nutsack? OhTongueinCheek!

I actually can't believe he's asking for a b&p. and nutsack, send me an email, dain10@hotmail.com

This one's for you Robbae, in my best mcnutty squeal, ree Trey at Red Rocks, ree!

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