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So I am a student now.... which means I am bored as hell in class everyday.

I browsed a site where people were completing the following sentence and thought it might be fun.......

"You know your a Phish head when......."

I have put some of the better responces below...

You actually feel sorry for the other guys who "just don't get it"

you have had at least a two hour discussion on the philosophical meaning of "Boy.Man.God.Shit."

you've already made the first-show-back-set one-opener call, and know you're right.

gooballs are the main course at every meal

nicu is your pin number

You won't even consider dating someone who isn't into phish because it's such a big part of your lifestyle

you wouldn't mind if your girl slept with a member of the band (and you're rooting for it to be trey).

when people start telling you your tour stories would make good movies.

you can't help but feel jealous when people tell you they've seen more shows than you.

you smile when you see a sign at rest stop that says "cars trucks buses"

You want to steal a Deer crossing sign every time you see one

Every time you see another car with Phish stickers, you feel moved to speed up and show them your Phish stickers!

Whenever you see Phish food ice cream you buy it out of respect.

You feel privileged that you are in a group called "heads" and/or "phish heads

The only time you've TRULY had a religious experience was at a show.

You don't understand why they don't get it. I mean, how could they NOT???!!

You realize you're COMPLETELY in love with something that has no name, no face, no body, but can consume you entirely and hold you in it like a child and make all the evils and wrongs and nothingness of the world and beyond all better....if only for 2 short hours.

you know for a fact that if you had been turned on to Phish way back.....your life would be completely different than it is now

You feel good about Hood

you feel connected to anyone you see driving down the road with phish stickers on their car too.

you measure the length of roadtrips by how many discs you'll get to listen to

you've been tempted to write across your college diploma, "I'm alright 'cause I got a degree

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Weird, I compiled a list last weekend, I wonder if it was the same site. It's at work so I will post it tomorrow morning.

"You REALLY want to be with your friend Harry when the lights go out."

My ALLTIME favorite is:

"Your the guy Trey is talking about at The Clifford Ball"

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 If someone asks you if you got any last night, you reply with either lengthwise or diagonal.

 You have sucked more nitrous than you care to admit, but you agree it is really the worst element of the lot scene.

 You have a printout of your stats from David Steinberg's page.

 Your parrot starts to whistle Reba

 You giggle every time someone says "and i see you"

 When attempting to pick up a guy/girl in a bar, you ask them if they'd like to go back to your place to "share in a groove"

 You felt really out of the loop when you didn't know the meaning of the uno cards.

 You have spent the last five months debating a cool inside-phish joke to put on a license plate.

 You know what PYITE, GTBT, CTB, TMWSIY, MSO, YEM, FEFY, BBJ, SITM, BBFCM and MMGAMOIO stand for.

 You have so many left over Maxell labels, you can make full detail sculptures of the whole band.

 When you get excited to hear that Jimmy's cat died.

 You actually know what those uno cards mean

 You put down touring as your previous job on your resume, and your references are Trey, Mike, Page, and Fish.

 Sometimes, when you're walking down a hall, you could've sworn the man passing you just said, "Nugs."

 If nothing is fast enough for you.

 You freak out whenever you see the name Suzy Greenberg in the closing credits of "Seinfeld."

 Whenever you're drunk you consider yourself “foggy rather groggy.”

 You actually like the scent of a mule.

 You begin all sentences with an Um Pa Pa.

 You'd kill for some goo balls right now.

 You can have a complete conversation with somebody by only mentioning dates.

 You tell your boss you cannot schedule your vacation time till you find out the summer and fall tour schedule.

 You know that Trey's real name is Ernest Guiseppie

 When you laugh at people who complain that a 3-hour drive is a long way to go.

 You've actually sat and thought about how bad a paper cut on the nipple would feel.

 You're still wearing your fluorescent green Great Went wristband.

 When somebody tells you they will be back in 15 minutes and you expect them to be back in 45 minutes.

 You think Leo would make a damn fine president

 When you know the moma dance

 When you think back to your first show and wish you had loved the band then as much as you do now.

 You yell "Doh!" whenever you hear The Simpsons theme.

 You leave your body lying out on the floor

 You can throw a tortilla through a hoop from 50 yards away.

 On 6/17, you remember that it's the day that OJ ran away because of that great Milwaukee show back in '94

 At the Went you felt some erie connection cause you ate some $5 dollar gooballs that Trey talks about on the radio, and then proclaims GOOBALLS during the Makisupa opener which happened to start at 4:20 PM.

 The only thing that you ever remembered in chemistry is the symbol for Hydrogen

 When you have a picture of the band in your bathroom.

 You sing “hell is coming” instead of Haley's comet

 You think of a parking lot as a profitable location for your business

 You actually did cry the first time you heard them playing Terrapin.

 You realize that they're just 4 goofy guys who have totally changed your life

 You're listening to Phish RIGHT NOW!

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