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  1. Truly one of my favorite parties, dead cat and all!
  2. I can't stop thinking about Dick's
  3. Also: This is the correct response. Special delivery for Hoops McCann.
  4. Bigger and better than ever, April is a magical month full of...burgers. www.peiburgerlove.ca
  5. Pleased to say I am doing three nights of Dick's! Yes, the jokes are endless.
  6. Oh hey, sorry I'm late! I love being on PEI in the summer, but sadly I am a terrible tourist guide because I work most of the time. However, if you are in the Cavendish area, we should meet up for a beer at least. Maybe you can slip away to watch a Jays game at the cottage with me some evening? I'll drop you a line with some contact info.
  7. I am feeling a little bit bad about my earlier post. Upon relistening, there were definitely a few good grooves in the new music. Like I said, I still love them more than anything else and hope to see them soon. ::goes back to listening to 1993::
  8. Phish is my favorite band. I love Phish with every ounce of my being, and nothing will ever be able to approach the feeling of being at those shows I was at from the Great Went to Big Cypress. I still would probably rather be at a Phish show than just about any other show. But I can't dig too much on the new tunes. Ocelot and Alaska are the only 3.0 songs that I genuinely enjoy. My main problems are: a) Trey's guitar tone; what's with the treble, rebel? Gone are the liquid days of the hose. And would it kill you to throw a spacey loop out every once in a while for old times sakes?
  9. Best Phantasy Tour comment regarding Vigoda/Wombat: "It's like Weekend at Bernie's meets Spinal Tap"
  10. That's not an app, that's an email from phish.net. And it didn't need to remind me about the Great Went, I think about it ALL. THE. TIME.
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