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  1. I will probably post this another thousand times.............
  2. Someone posted this in the Phil thread on PT. No idea what I am watching but this is fucking incredible.................
  3. "My 11 year old was telling me today just how much he loves Box of Rain." That has been the lullaby song I sing to my son when I tuck him into bed. One afternoon a few years ago he heard it for the first time and lost his marbles. I bought last night's stream and listened to the second set tonight. Holy fuck, Benmont Tech is a perfect keyboard player for Grateful Dead music. Complete with a grand piano! For reals, this second set tonight kicked so much ass. s1dealoperatorhigh timeking beejedBrokedown*Sugarees2violaJack strawcaution> truckinchina doll> **terrapin>morning dew *E:midnight hour * lovelight**w/sisters of the strawberry moon** Benmont sings
  4. I know what I am doing tonight.
  5. Watch the one above and then watch this one
  6. ```.......even though there is a diaspora of Deadheads..........``
  7. I dont give a flying fuck if you like the venue or not, buy tickets and go see these cats you TO dicks.
  8. I have been devastated since this hit the internet wire. While this isnt surprising, he comes of with a bi-polar personality disorder online but who knows, it sucks.I hope these sorts of tales turn the tide and the women affected gain some empowerment so they can move on into a positive light. But that poor teen aged girl.........that is the one that it has always come back to in my mind based on the little information we have been provided..........my Ryan Adams wallet is officially empty. What a fucking asshole.
  9. If I end up back at your place Velvet then lemme offer you some advice..................
  10. As much as I love those Swedish bastards, and other Scandinavian fucks via that ilk, you haven't a claim in making said proclamation. TSOOL were amazing but those days are long gone. Time to move on, time to move forward. Perhaps you should see the Gizzies in concert while also realizing some of the best modern day psychedelic in your face rock, that induces crowd surfing and mosh pits, is coming from those prison invested slaves from Australia. I dont even know who I would see if they had a gig on the same night? Tame Impala or King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard? But I feel like I do know one thing I would bet a pay-cheque on. You would prefer King Gizzard. People on this board............if you can get a ticket to the MTL show on August 26th then get it and worry about the details, hotel and shit, later because they wont matter. This band is something that you have never seen. I know we are old and I know you will hear comparisons to other music/bands you love but when they go into the light of their OWN? That is when shit gets lit.
  11. There was a huge big-ass video camera following him around with a scary white light. That shocked me to my soul and that is why I remember the entire moment. I was lucky to get a selfie with him, with a digi-camera, simply because I was wasted enough to think about trying.......this was pre-cellphone era but there is 'other' footage out there. Those fuckers were annihilated and did not play at all like they had for the show we bought concert tickets for and they werent playing their show material, it was other stuff. They were filming it. That is why I want to see it. I certainly dont want to see me because I was fucked the fuck up. #sorryforhighjacking
  12. " I think last time it sold out pretty much instantly. I think they even moved it to a different venue? " Yes. Just scored a pair. Hotel St Andre is gonna be rocking and so will the hotel.
  13. Having said that, no pressure ;-) I get it if you cant do this show. When I went to see you in TO for Soundtrack Of Our Lives neither of us were thinking we would ever become fathers. Times/responsibilities have changed. Having said that, where is the footage from the after party? 100 percent they got a close up of me on camera. That shit was lit and I was a Christmas tree ;-) "We would like to thank you for all the hash you have provided. You Canadians know how to party!"
  14. Get tickets for the MTL show Jaimoe because this wont be something you will want to miss. They played the same MTL venue last time while the show/performance will bring you to your knees. We can get a hotel room together, I am no longer a wookie - shoot me a text and I will get tickets plus a room for us you little bitch, we can get a room with 2 separate beds. This is an Australian band you don't want to miss. You schooled me on which made me fall in love with Soundtrack Of Our Lives? I still owe you one and it's these guys. Zero hyperbole. This is a fantastic venue and for this show I am not going to keep drinking until close to showing up time. I want to be up on the balcony. Get a crew up there early, save seats when someone grabs a beer while standing in seemingly non-existent lines, and fucking rage Planet Of The Apes style. Pure psychedelic rock minus any noodly jams you despise. Completely minus. In and out solos. This is a group mind with a feeling of stream of consciousness thing. "Are they making this up on the fly?" - my guess is no but you never know at times because shit gets melodically weird in beautiful fashion. They are brilliant. I have now seen them twice and cant imagine them pulling off a dud, let alone walking away with my jaw on the ground.
  15. "Am I the only RA fan who feels the quality of his work as been steadily declining through the last few records? Some good tracks here and there but overall just not that strong imo." You are not the only one, including board members who have a similar opinion yet havent shared it on this website. Devo is right. We are very lucky to have someone offering us songs seemingly non-stop. I hate to say this but it is something I believe......modern-day Phish would be a ton better if they could somewhat create songs like shitty Ryan Adams songs. I suppose that is also why we can argue about these ideals that will rarely show a winner.
  16. Booche

    Epic Covers

    I fucking love this version
  17. As entertaining as this was, it was an exercise in anxiety for me. (kinda wailed and cant recall how to do the spoiler strikethrough) SPOILER ALERT: How the fuck can one not care? And how the fuck would one be willing to suckcock to keep things afloat even though the ship had already drowned?
  18. I was shell shocked by what had happened and not of sound mind, not that I am often of sound mind but that is not something we need to discuss. The moral of the story?
  19. "Seeking both SPAC shows" - I hope you get into the PAV cuz. 2004 shows were insanity and 2 of the best back to back Phish non-festival shows I have ever seen them pull off. The balcony on the second night during Piper was a fucking major throw-down. I doubt I have ever laughed so much while sharing in the groove. TM offered me free lawn tickets for SPAC thanks to what happened. I turned them down, only thought of the possibility of attending the shows on the lawn which was of zero interest, but in retrospect I should have taken them and gave them away. Goes to show how the industry thinks of lawn tickets at SPAC.
  20. Video footage of 2nd Tube at Frontier Town ordering Phish tickets in 2000 has recently surfaced
  21. "Then I got section 201 row D. Awesome. Bought them. Great. So now in my cart is Section 201 row VV. Huh. Weird. I could have sworn those were row D. " That is so completely fucked. I have never had anything like this happen before. I suppose there are kinks they are going to need to work out before things run smoothly.
  22. I called TM, cancelled my lawns at no charge and ended up in row D in 403............totally should be in the 200's......Actually I should be in the PIT, those dirty fuckers, but whatever. Gonna work the pavement and get closer.
  23. I feel COMPLETELY duped with my Verified Fan experience. Tried for GA in front of the stage when that section was blue. Came back and it said those tickets were gone and then that section greyed out. Tried at least a dozen times for pav tickets, either 2 or 4, and in each instance it came back and said "Another verified fan has already purchased those tickets" - fine. I get it. That happens all the time. Here is where things turned shady. The GA in front of the stage turned blue again so I clicked it and was told I had 4 GA tickets. Bought them. Did all my shit and when it completed they were LAWN tickets, which I never clicked on. No idea how that played out in such a way so the only error I made was not taking a closer look because I wanted to ensure the transaction. Luckily, I bought insurance so I am going to cancel these bastardized tickets after I finally get something I am happy about. Worst case Ontario is I dont get in the PAV and end up bringing Nate but what a crock of shit. If it reigns that night that will be the ultimate cake on the icing.
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