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  1. "Choosing a single point in time or even single year is impossible for me." Always
  2. You are correct sir and your prompt to explain what that quote means is required .....thank you DB2.0 once again for pointing out that my intended messages either get lost or misconstruedly misunderstood......... The Grateful Dead hit their highest of heights, from my perspective, prior to their hiatus at the end of 1974. "water fallen" in the above context refers to them as slowly dripping downwards, like a waterfall, while "crestmark" points to them having still maintained a peak that had been developed a few years prior. Having said that, any Deadhead will give you their opinion on when all of that happened. Luckily for us fans, they kept having some amazing shows/tours after that point. I could have simply wrote "it was the beginning of the end" but that wouldn't be accurate to how I feel while also sounding too Simple.
  3. I have hearing issues, for a variety of reasons, but one of them is having experienced said Jeff Healey's trio at Stages in Kingston 4ish times.My ears would ring for days. One of the main musically visual memories that hits hard, for all the bands I have seen, was the bass player using the neck of his guitar to direct Jeff back to his seat after he would get so amped up he would fly off his chair and start jumping around like something out of Planet Of The Apes. None of that ever felt like a shtick. It was beautifully intense.Jeff Healey opened the ideal of seeing as much live music as I could @foreverindebted
  4. They were as tight as they got with 2 drummers but for my tastes, I always preferred the solo Billy years. 77 was a very strong year for Jerry, Phil and Bobby. Having said that, said trio were the band once one looks back at it with a discernible ear, minus the Pigpen driven years. The Dead evolved throughout their career but 1977 was a water fallen crest-mark even I wont argue. Guaranteed it would have been a year I would have bitched about had I gone through it while seeing live shows. "What is this bullshit? Where did the exploration go?"
  5. From my perspective, Chris Robinson and Ryan Adams should start a band. Bring on the crazy and embrace those personality disorders. They can lose it on one another for every inevitable missed note while hopefully covering:
  6. Frye was sold as a music festival.
  7. "This could be the worst publicity ploy ever devised." I am sure you must recall this one Northern Wish, which forces the following questions: Has our collective short-term memory become so poor we forget about things like the Frye Festival? If you really think about it, the POTUS plays off that motif all the time so what does anyone really remember?
  8. Booche

    Epic Covers

    Jesus fucking Christ, the Jesus Just Left Chicago that Greg posted is fucking outstanding....................
  9. Booche

    Epic Covers

    Celebrated Easter with DaveyBoy 2.0 and Catphish. Porch dwellers with hockey and tunes. At one point their playlist offered the Infamous Stringdusters doing Midnight Moonlight > Bathtub Gin jam. I fucking love that band.
  10. Booche

    Epic Covers

    I have always felt this cover helped define the final version of the Dead
  11. Hopefully someone ends up realizing that NW's tickets are totally worth the cost of admission. In related news.........a snippet from Trey's latest interview with Rolling Stone, seems like his taste in music is still on point...... Lately, you’ve been doing solo acoustic tours, Phish, TAB and now Ghosts of the Forest. What drives you? I think the risk makes me feel alive. Change is the one thing you can count on. Everything is turning and changing all the time. There’s a lot of music tours on the road now that are from, like, Seventies nostalgia? A lot. And that’s great. And yet, it’s over. I mean, I want to hear King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, which is all I listen to now. I’m just obsessed with these guys. I mean, they put out five albums last year and they’re cool. I’d rather hear something new. I feel blessed that the fact that so much of what Phish does is improvised means that’s built into our whole thing. Every night is going to become new.
  12. i concur, love JRAD, but I am now looking forward to the following come tomorrow..........this is a sick read let alone how well they probably played it!
  13. Booche

    Osheaga 2019

    Tame Impala seem to be everywhere this summer. No issues there because I love that band. They deserve to hit huge.
  14. There are tons of great acts lined up for this one. I am kinda shocked, to be honest. I think the main issue is that summer has become 'festival' season and there are so many that devoted music fans, such as the group who are reading my reply, see/read artistic lineups which almost bounce off us and mean nothing. Day Two is sick and you get Jay-Z closing it the following day. Dawes seems hidden and they are a great band everyone on this board, who I know, would be pleasantly surprised with seeing because ya'll would love'em. #psychedaboutJasonIsbellatBluesfest
  15. I will probably post this another thousand times.............
  16. Someone posted this in the Phil thread on PT. No idea what I am watching but this is fucking incredible.................
  17. "My 11 year old was telling me today just how much he loves Box of Rain." That has been the lullaby song I sing to my son when I tuck him into bed. One afternoon a few years ago he heard it for the first time and lost his marbles. I bought last night's stream and listened to the second set tonight. Holy fuck, Benmont Tech is a perfect keyboard player for Grateful Dead music. Complete with a grand piano! For reals, this second set tonight kicked so much ass. s1dealoperatorhigh timeking beejedBrokedown*Sugarees2violaJack strawcaution> truckinchina doll> **terrapin>morning dew *E:midnight hour * lovelight**w/sisters of the strawberry moon** Benmont sings
  18. I know what I am doing tonight.
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