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  1. That is a fantastic Dead show. The Other One made it onto a mix tape whenever we were going to trip balls.
  2. If it has been uploaded to the archive then Brad's work was done, as far as I am concerned. He was big on making sure the band was 'ok' with that. If a band told him not to put it on BTREE or anywhere, he wouldnt do it and made it his own personal collection. I loved that about him.
  3. ......yadda yadda yadda, after talking to my brother I felt a need to look them up. I have always enjoyed them but had been departed for 15 years. Sure enough they bring out my new favorite boy toy, Billy Strings. Fuckingawesomeshitgoesdown.
  4. I am totally watching Trey's set with Derek again, it is so fucking good. Love the Push On Til The Day.
  5. Got any of that Blue Grassi High? That shit was dope. Brad only taped the good ones. He was a rabbit's foot.
  6. "How about Hiway Freeker? Anyone?" I totally remember that name but cant recall anything aside from "that was a good band"
  7. "I can agree it was a great set and I loved it and love that album. I personally think Trucks sitting in with TAB was the better set as far as a guest guitarist sitting in goes. Trucks plays better with other guitarists than Trey does. " Totally agree that Trucks plays better with other guitarists compared to Trey. That's pretty much a given in my world. Derek Trucks is an otherworldly guitar player, much like Trey used to be. Derek's sit in with TAB will compete against ANY other guitar player who has sat in with any of Trey's projects, including Phish. It is that good. Buuuuuuuuuuut............the following night brought the destructive forces of nature, to me anyways. They covered an album that is one of the ventricles to Derek Trucks heart, even if he has never publicly stated that. It is a massive part of his framework and it fucking smoked from start to finish. I love TAB and have been fighting/debating fans for years at how great I think they are but realistically the songs Trey did on the Friday night cant compete with the ones he played on Saturday night. Better songs are better songs. The best part about all of this discussion is that both nights are wonderfully inspiring. Love that you watched/listened to them C-Towns. I am gonna throw on some of Trey's set with Derek Trucks, for the 3rd time at least, right now because I loved that shit. #kindawantedtoshivCTownsforthehellofit
  8. I stumbled across this a while ago and forgot about it until stumbling across it again just now. Remember Columbia Record House? If you do then you might be one of those people who discovered a pile of music for a penny. Three Dog Night - Greatest Hits was a massive revelation to me. I loved every song.
  9. "I'll be the judge of all of your thoughts, hold on..." If you are unwilling to agree with us CunTowns I will mock you while I enjoy slicing your skin and organs with a shiv that will employ pain rather than potential death. Dont be a moron, else prepare yourself to enjoy bleeding out. #notupfordebate
  10. Trey sit in starts around an hour and 13 mins in but watch the entire thing
  11. That was ridiculous last night but holyfuckballs...........tonight's TTB second set with Trey covering Derek and the Dominos Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs was fucking god-damn........I dunno the adjective to use. It was so perfect and somehow blew last night out of the water. How is that even possible?
  12. You must have watched this little bit bouche..............perfection personified
  13. This is seriously one of the best covers this board has ever offered.
  14. Atta boy. Do what you gotta do.I will stream a night in your honour.
  15. You dont often hear a twist such as this
  16. Booche

    Jerry Day

    Totally missed posting on here while August 9th was upon us and I cant believe none of you boners started a thread. WTF is wrong with you people? That is as a religious holiday as we all know. Fucking dickwads, the lot of you.
  17. Slam me a good Fuego anytime. Let's get our boy a ticket!
  18. This is right on shit right here....cant wait for the inevitable Liberty and the last huge song Days Between that was written. I am a huge fan of that trifecta.
  19. Northern Wsh, Send me some deets via the messagingapp we normally use to chat and I will talk to some folks buuuuuuuuuuuuut...........it is unfathomable a person could get stuck with Gizz tix Oh yeah, love ya
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