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  1. Totally considering taking my son to the Meet Up At The Movies................this is such a killer show.
  2. Stepping outside out these amazing All The Years offerings......here is one I hope we get some day because it is a ridiculously underated song..........
  3. Heaven bless our brother Esau always.
  4. You know what really grinds my gears? When this lumberjack mother fucker who would probably be happier in the woods shooting bears, or fishing in some secluded northern Quebec cabin, decides that he isnt going to go off with an insanely hate-fueled rant about his ex or whatever it is he is singing about. Does anyone else remember feelings? Where the fuck did they go and why cant I listen to and watch Brent Mydland piss all over whoever or whatever he wants to piss on? Is this the reason why we have yet to see the infamous piss tapes via the orange buffoon from hell? WTF? Get your shit together people. Brent Mydland is supposed to show and tell everyone his emotions like it is Kindergarten on steroids. Surely we can see, a little bit, but where is the rest of the story? Is he gas lighting anyone who chooses to watch that video? I fuckingly hope not or else I am going to start calling him on his cheezewhiz filled keyboard sounds. What are you doing bahd? Do you really think some of that shit hits? I gots a speedball on my Floridian property waiting for you if that is the case. We were at the show and he purposely took away the one thing that would take away the pain. Brent shook his head at the end to signal the rest of the band he wasnt willing to take shit to the next level with pure evil because he got fucked around and then he died 10 days later which I had to find out from a gaggle of women we hung out with back in the day. Sitting around a backyard pool drinking beers and smoking hash. Welcome to the party bitch. And that is what really grinds my gears.
  5. From one Buffalo to another, here is the latest All The Years. My 2nd show and Davey Boy 2.0's 1st. We were starting to heavily peak at this point. "Can you imagine wearing jeans right now?" Possibly the line of the day but it is the only one I remember so maybe it was ✌️
  6. Goddamn motherfucking Ray Price. Feel blessed to have seen him live.
  7. How about that Ruby Waves? HOLY FUCKBALLS!!!!!!!!! 2 listens and I fucking love that last stanza. Summer Tour 2019 peak right there, although I havent listened to many show so please keep that in mind before you at me. Seems like they built their entire summer tour to that moment. Reminds me of the Dead's 1991 > 1992 Shakedown Street that kept building upon itself until they creamed all over the Chicago show that summer of 1992.
  8. Booche

    Tame Impala?

    Killer in concert. I saw them sober, aside from 3 or 4 pints during the show, and walked out with a full-on acid flashback. No joke. I was dumbfounded at the shimmeringly sparkling colors the world had to offer. Glimmers everywhere. You are gonna love it. And SaggyBalls? Check out King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. They will blow your fucking socks off. I am about to see them my third time in MTL this August. Australia is producing some insane psychedelic music right now while we are lucky some come to our country.
  9. "Special mention goes to the monster Fenway set" Couch toured that one and fucking loved it..........the moment I read on Twitter it was gonna be a one set show I was all in.
  10. Booche

    Epic Covers

    This is deliciously as fuck, much like everything he did. Huge props to my brother for consistently trying to wake me to the genius that was Prince. I cant even fathom how much of a struggle that was for him..........especially once I became obsessed with the Dead and then Phish.
  11. Booche

    Epic Covers

    GODDAMIT I LOVE THE PUNCH BROTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is fucking amazing.
  12. I am a MASSIVE fan of this version. Always have been, always will be. I was blown the fuck away the first time I got to see it on the Trucking Up To Buffalo dvd because I had already been sold on Maxell XLii's I owned. Killer version.
  13. "One of my fav folk-blues tunes. Great version. Taj rules! " That is a wicked video.
  14. Phantasy Tour has been all over him for a while. A long while. Something doesnt seem right (?) but I certainly hope he is ok. That guy slays.
  15. Fuck you Velvet. I saw Rocky movies with you and you didnt think to contact me for this? Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck yoooooooooooooou..............I will fight you on the undercard prior to Bieber and Tom Cruise.Your midsection is gonna take a pounding.Do lots of situps.
  16. That is what a beautiful life is meant to become.
  17. My dear brother bought me this dvd release for my bday when it was released. We were at home and he brought mom and dad's tv and dvd player outside so we could watch it.........which turned into a great party. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7ndrom5F6c
  18. Watch both. "highly" recommended............feel very fortunate for having seen one of his sets in Ottawa. The Machine story is unreal. Please watch the first before the second.
  19. You are gonna like this one Jaimoe
  20. ``Curious to what you said before editing the post. Did you tone down your comment... lol.`` Pretty much bahd. I wrote so many words thanks to supreme excitement and then realized how high I was so I got paranoid and deleted it all.
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