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nero opening for Recipe From A Small Planet @ Charlie's in Calgary, Alberta

Nice looking bar, this Charlie's. We were holed up in the bus watching the Sens/Leafs game and decided to come in and watch it at the bar. Which is what we're doing right now (I'm on Shane's cool tiny laptop). To add a little spice the bartender is a huge Leafs fan and we bet a beer on the game.

Game over, we win; bad for the Leafs. Foreshadowing? Probably around 80 people in the bar when nero went on. Several folks back

from the previous night, which is always a good sign. Recipe has a great local following, lotsa nice music fans come out for their regular Monday

night show, and we were graced with the presence of our soon-to-be-planting, transplanted Ottawa friend, Jyll, who showed up with her friend Sara and hung out with me at the merch table. nero played a great set. It was tight and concisely rockin' from the get go. Whatever weas missing from their first set last night was here in full force. The crowd seem to like them a lot; we'll see in a few weeks when we're back.

Recipe went on and played great, rocking our faces off for about forty minutes nonstop. During the set Jay leaned over and said he thought these guys were about the best jamband in the country, and I agreed, adding Grand Theft Bus (and of course, nero) as a tie. Yep, no denying it, RFASP is a great band, even on an off night... After the forty minute jam, I was

surprised to hear the singer/guitarist announce last song of the night. Must be another huge jam coming. Two minutes in they hit one of those cool breaks where everybody stops for a second, and in that second the singer said thank you good night and walked off. The other guys did some looking at each other and that was it. I asked Dave if he thought that was weird, and he said he didn't think so, so it wasn't that apparent, but there was some weirdness going on. Hope I'm not dwelling on it, it was just weird, kinda like Duran retiring in the middle of round eight with, was it Sugar Ray Leonard?

Anyway, great night overall and we headed back to Jyll and Sara's room at the (un)Savory Motel. Got into the 4am whiskey and Dave got drunk in the period of about 3 seconds. Dave and I shared a bed inside and Jay and Shane hit the bus. Then the fun began. There was a near-constant barrage of loud screaming swearfights right outside of our room and in the morning we found our window screen had been pried off with a screwdriver or something, leaving easy entry for any motel trash who wanted in. Luckily, none did, or at least if they did we all slept through it, and we spent our day off in Banff at my buddy John's place. Saw Spiderman. Eight thumbs up.

Quote of the Day: "Didja know the Maple Leafs haven't won the Grey Cup in over thirty years?"

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Recipe is awesome, saw em' here in Vancouver a few months ago. That guitarist makes some funny faces and the bass player looks exactly like the Fonz. They're not the best jamband in the country, though. Too much country goin' on...

Lookin forward to nero in Van...

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