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nerolog, Stardate 052102


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nero @ The Silvertone, Vancouver, British Columbia

I was excited to get to Van so I could see my old friend who lives there and

works as a lawyer. We picked him up at work and went back to his place to chill

before the show. Got to the bar and there was Caroline, our solo audience from

Tofino! She walked out on her job in Victoria and came to Van for some more

nero. Then there is Shane's grandmother! Seventy-nine years old and out for

some beer and some grooves. Pretty good crowd out to hear nero rip it up for a

coupla sets - some guys from the house band were there screaming their heads

off. Tore down and while the guys were drinking I moseyed over to the two

pinball machines in the corner. Gilligan's Island and (gasp) the new Star Wars

machine! Couldn't get this couple off the Star Wars so I played the Gilligan.

Nice thing about tour is finding pinball machines here and there. Oh yeah, and

living and breathing rock and roll.

Went back to Corey's place and I left the guys to sleep snore-free in the bus

while I slept inside. The things I do for those boys...

Quote of the Day: "The bar's on Commercial?!? Cool, it'll be full of potheads

and lesbians, what time does it start?"


Holetown Charlie>


3rd Stone>



Wata Bug

Tonto's Underwater Paradise

401 Theme

Chocolate Monkey Machine

El Vezz

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Hey Velvet et al.....

Give Nina and I a call as I see you are booked for a little East Coast run.

We have been reading the nero logs and can't wait to see what 30+ shows have done for the boys.

506 693 5184



ps. A new place opened down the street with Terminator 2, and Tee to Green PINBALL!!!! Me, you and a stack of quarters????

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