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Downtime>DOY Set blender setlist


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Holy crap, I just got one of the BEST weeks of music I have ever experienced. This includes Dead/Phish tours.

Alright, I think all I am capable of at this moment is to right tonight's setlist. Hopefully, i will be able to put tonight into words more than "get the tapes". If I dont, get the tapes.

Garsh, I hope we are somewhat right.

Downtime Set 1


Mr Clean>

Banana Split


Solar Slowdown>

Jam with DOY>

Doy Set 1

Doy Jam

Its Alright

Cornerstone Row


Tell Tale Heart>


Politically Correct>


Rider Jam>

Politically Correct>

Jam with Downtime>

Downtime Set 2

Dirt Jam>

Bubble House>

Zenith Space Command>

Travellin Matt>


Jam with DOY>

DOY Set 2

DOY jam

Buddy Up>

Monkey(maybe >)

Stars Are All Mine

The Last One To Leave>

Us & Them Jam>

The Last One To Leave>

All Night Running

If I Dont Be There By Morning

Encore with Downtime:

Scarlet >

Insanity Jam>


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What can I say that Booche hasn't already?

A simply amazing performance from both bands, worthy of a raging tripping crowd. The light turnout was very disappointing, these guys deserve to get paid properly for kicking our asses so hard. I truly believe that turnouts like last night are the growing pains in the process of creating the solid scene that can exist. Deepest respect to both bands for throwing down so hard and having so much fun despite the less than impressive turnout. They took it for the team last night, and although there were not a lot of people out to see it, I KNOW the recordings will become legendary and heard by everyone.

Downtime.... My first time hearing them with Jeff... holy shit! I can't say enough good things about these guys... Is it just me or were both Downtime sets completely uninterrupted? I don't think they stopped once!... The Scofield and MMW covers were insane and very much Downtime renditions..

DOY.... My second ever DOY show and this morning I am finding that there tunes have become stuck in my head... They have some of the best original songs I have heard.... fucking catchy man... ya know how you can get the melody stuck in your head but you don't really know the word but you need to sing because if you don't your head might explode? That is were I'm at right now. I can't wait to get a recording of the second set to try and figure out what some of those songs are called. It warmed my heart to listen to DOY talking about the show afterwards, they were so pumped, so excited...pure enthusiasm.

This was the first time DOY or Downtime had played a set blender show and it was the first time either band had heard each other, yet they blended beautifully. They pulled off the transitions like well rehearsed boy bands. Perfect guys....A testament to the talent on stage...and a real treat to watch... just wait until you hear this!!

Toaster - Honerable mentions to Jaybone for trying so hard yet coming up just short and to Adam for being so fucked up he didn't even care there was no one in his club. Last nights winner... hands down.... his second toaster award (the only one with 2).... Indika

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Punk, I am sooooooooo sorry I forgot to check with you to see if you wanted to spend the weekend. I was good'n'wasted and had a goodbye smoke and left before I realized my error.

We'll do it soon enough, let me know whenever you want to come up [big Grin]

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Booche my man, don't worry, I couldn't have stayed, I had to do a shift of the hell drive back to TO. Another time, I'd love to stay for the weekend. Thanks to everyone who came out to see us, you made the music happen. Looking forward to going back to Ottawa really soon. I'd chat more but I gotta head over to rehab. Harpua, thanks for the place to crash Friday morning and let me know how the tapes of last night turned out. Cheers

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Whore, you definitely cant wait.

This was the only Set Blender show I have seen, but I am willing to bet it will go down as one of the best.

What a blast. Its too bad that it was the WORST turn-out I have ever seen at Babylon, oh well, summer lovin' and stuff I guess. Tough luck, I just feel sorry for the bands more than anything.

I got some wicked pictures this past week and last night is no exception. I am slowly going to be able to upload them, so we probably wont see them on here for a bit, but I will send the best of the best to both Harpua and Bouche, and we will see how they look.

What can I say about Downtime that I didnt say yesterday? These guys are now allstars. They were great before. Additions tend to add more than subtract, but this has multiplied into a kick-ass band that assaults your frontal lobes with passion and power. Go see these guys next time, I promise you that you will have a good time.

Their first set was about 45 minutes in length, and they did 3 tunes. Think about it. Chank? Get the fug out of here. The jam with DOY was just that good, I kept thinking "Please, stay onstage as long as possible!" First-class musicians tend to listen well, and be respectful as well as mindful of what is going down when they play with others and this was a perfect example. Downtime got off the stage, we screamed our voices out (I am starting to wonder when I am going to get mine back [Wink] ) and DOY continued the jam.

The Its Alright opener smoked! Show-whore, the tapes are worth it for everything up to this point, and I am willing to bet you know it got even more intense in there as the night went on. A couple of fun oldtiming numbers and then wham! I am transported back 10 years ago, Tell-Tale Heart. This is a mellow song people, but it is played with such passion and sang with a soul that you rarely get to experience from anyone. Beautiful stuff folks. The soloing from Waylon at the end of this just SMOKED.

Politcally Correct came out later and we went off, around this point I realized how lucky we all were this night. 7/4>Rider>Politically Correct was about as much fun as you can have, Indika and Harpua were floored and I was crawling.

Another blendingly beautiful Jam ensued with Downtime and we were ready for their set. ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME? We get to hear Downtime AGAIN and they pulled out all the stops/starts! I dont even know if they stopped. Did I already say not to miss these guys?

This was another one of those "Get out of here" sets which led to another Jam with DOY which led to just them carrying that Jam which led to my favorite of their new songs, Buddy-Up. Wow.

Monkey funked us and then the sleeper surprise hit of the night, Stars Are All Mine. This song is an oldie off of their White Album (that is a looooong story in itself, culminating with them facing a law suit from Apple Records) and I didnt know which end was up. Beautiful, mellow, slow "Wanna slow dance under the disco-ball Catphish?" material. So fuggin' pretty..........

The bad boy The Last One To Leave>Us And Them Jam>The Last One To Leave. HOLY CRAP!

Some serious type 3 and type 2 jamming here! That Us and Them Jam was intense insanity. Whore, I cant wait til you hear this!

Their last couple of numbers and then that encore. Scarlet rocked the house with the Punk taking the leads except for the Waylon singing (damn, I cant remember which line it was right now. Sloth? Need help here) I actually wrote Scarlet>Insanity Jam>Begonias. That about sums it up.

What a great night. Thanks DoubleB, this was one of the BEST Productions you have put on. Too bad the turnout was a piss-off. Can you imagine what we would have heard had that bar been packed with energy? My lord.

"What a fuckin' night man"

I will do what I can to get pictures up somewhere, but honestly, we are a couple of weeks away from that. I need to spruce up this PC's software soon.

Great to see the Skancs we did see and GREAT to meet those 2 dudes with those FAT DOY shirts. I wish I owned one of those, I even offered up a trade of my Jerry shirt I wore last night.

Buddy didnt Up me.

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