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Who needs a PHIX?

zimmerman pt3

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so let's face it, there's no way in hell any of us are getting tickets for the upcoming Phish reunion shows. Well don't let this get you too down, because there is hope, and that hope lies in this new and exciting band out of Colorado. No, I'm not talking about String Cheese. What could possibly be better than the original phab 4 you ask? Well allow me to introduce you to the new wave of jam-band jams.

They are called PHIX, and they are the only Phish cover band you need to see! Don't believe me? Check out there website and download some mp3's (for 2nd hand jamming wizardry, check out the Reba or Divided Sky!). They're so headee, they even select lucky phans to pick the setlist. What could be more headier than to actually witness epic segueways such as Antelope>Wilson>Mango Song>Antelope, performed by a cover band. And for those shut out on New Year's Eve, don't fret because Phix will have someone inside the show to directly inform them what song is being played, so Phix too can jam out the same show. WOW!!


OK, seriousely speaking, I feel ill. Something about a Phish cover band doesn't sit well in my stomach. Caution Jam I can appreciate, but once they started covering Wolfman's Bro, I just couldn't get it. Don't get me wrong, when these guys make it to the Comfort Zone, I'll be there front row with my N2O tank ready to groove.

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