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nero rocks Forest Heights Collegiate

mark tonin

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I had a very cool experience on Friday at my high school, as nero came to our school and played a 50 minute set in the music room at lunch time to approximately 50 students (and a few teachers).

I was really curious to see what the reaction would be from students who checked out the band, as what nero plays is a lot different than what most high school students listen to and play.

All in all, I'd say it was a really successful event and positive experience for everyone involved. The band played well and the room sounded good (I'm so glad we didn't do it in the cafeteria), and the student musicians that I talked to had their eyes and ears opened and their minds expanded. "How do they nail all of those changes?" and "That was radical!" and "Tonin, you've got to sneak me into one of their bar shows" were my favourite 3 comments. I also remember at one point looking at a student guitar player and watching him shake his head in amazement as the band progressed through a cool transition.

It was also interesting to watch the students watch the band, because that's what they did ... watch. As Velvet pointed out after the show, almost nobody (except the teachers in the audience) moved to the music. All of the students sat and watched intently, but nobody grooved, or bobbed their head, or tapped their feet. It doesn't mean they didn't enjoy the band, because I know that a bunch of them did.

It was really nice to have some teachers out to the show, and those that were there certainly liked what they heard. Our head custodian was also there to check it out ... he used to drum with the band Helix and now plays in a blues band called Shades of Blooze.

I'm glad that nero agreed to do this show ... it was sweet!!!

Here is the setlist:

Centragnome >




Peace, Mark

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