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gig anyone?? jomomma?


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Okay - here's the deal. the pocket dwellers are playing at forwell hall at fanshawe college in london tomorrow and the opening act(grand poo bah)'s drummer shane deller broke his hand and we need an opening act.

this email is specifically for anyone in jomomma (you too MK)

but any band that can make it to london tomorrow please let me know. i don't know the particulars about pay oir anything but get back to me today via email and phone if you can.

it'd be a sweet show to play.

hope to hear from you




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Jomomma are currently on tour here in the Maritimes. I know they have been in Fredericton all weekend and aren't going to be home in Ontario until the 25th or so.

You might want to check with Mark Wilson, or Diesel Dog- members of both frequent this board.....

Good choice though, I saw my first two shows with the new lineup on Thursday and Friday and thought both were great! Although the party atmosphere of Fredericton made that one top notch.....



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