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CTMF Reviews?


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We got back pretty early, so I thought I'd be the one to start this thread: What did everyone think off CTMF?

My thoughts:

1) The new venue is awesome. As good or better than Frontier Town in my humble opinion.

2) I was VERY impressed with BNB, Jimmy Swift, That1Guy, NoOrchestra, and Cosmic Boogie Band in that order.

3) From an organizational standpoint, I thought the festival went EXTREMELY well considering the amount of rain we got, especially on Saturday. However, in the future, I would like to see one band setting up and doing sound check on the beach stage, while another band played on the mainstage and vice versa. I think that arrangement would work a lot better, rather than having bands 'competing' for attention at such a small event. There was also a bit of time between bands for set-up, which could be reduced or elimintated by using this staggered system (even if that meant having less bands). Just a thought though...

All in all, I had a great weekend. It was a tonne of fun. Looking forward to attending the Labour Day CTMF!

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very short.


close to home

lots of land

two stages

Fishing from shore within clear sound from the stage...heard the steel drum band, red shag carpet, and even parts of Tala, in the dark, i was casting a surface plug...and caught a fish!

Cavern. The band CAN play. Seriously.

New Shady Groove. Best performance i saw all weekend.

Caution Jam w/ Mike from BNB. Good playing. Best i've seen from Caution Jam.

Jomomma Friday Night.


Two stages going on at the same time! and you can hear the main stage from the side stage! NOT GOOD

The area is a virtual swamp. its all low lands. not izzy's fault or mark's fault, just a bad area for low laying swamps.

the size of the concert area at the main stage....wouldn't hold 300 people....not sure what they'd do if 800 showed up like at past Frontier Towns.

My current headache!

Pics will be coming shortly.

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I had an amazing time, as always!!!! Lots of great music...some ok music.None of it really sucked that i wanted to poke my eyes or anything. Very good thing.

Only complaint i have is to mother nature and her damned rain.i dont think i came home with one thing that is dry...literally.oh and i agree about the stages...alternating would of been a perfect idea !!!!

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