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Its Phinal

Northern Wish

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From Rec.Music.Phish:

"Hours and days and months and years and whole lives are devoted to getting there. Getting a hold of tickets, pissing off bosses, boyfriends,girlfriends, because you decided to just do the whole 4 night run...Flat

tires, absurd parking rates, running out of gas, it seeemed like one thing after another. Then waiting in line, having big angry mustached guys pat you down looking for something that you and your friends have always thought should be legal anyway...Then inside, the line for the bathroom,

water bottles, beers, posters, t-shirts, cds, the chance to win backstage from Waterwheel...Finally the seats are found, sweatshirts are removed, cigarettes are lit and you wait. You wait, and you wait, and you wait some

more. Idle talk about nonsense, you check your watch every 5 seconds. What time'd they come on last night? How bout last time at this venue? What'd they open with last night? Keep waiting...and then...

The lights go down. You feel and hear the thunderous energy and sound of thousands all unable to contain themselves. IN the corner of your eye a thousand lighters spark together at the same time. The lights go down and suddenly anything is possible. Suddenly your on the edge of something

amazing and wondrous. When the lights go down, you feel ALIVE. For that split second, you feel more alive than ever before. Your ready and waiting for ANYTHING and you're just so happy to be alive.

So they gave me that. And even though today I feel like someone punched a hole in my soul, without Phish I don't think I'd even know that I had a soul...At least not to this extent.



I’m not sure I can add much to that. Thanks to all of you who shared that moment with me, that moment that we will never forget. I have hope that we can live with the beautiful notion that the line “I think that this exact thing happened, just last year” will gain importance with each passing moment. I will never forget everyone who shared a ride, a tarp, a bottle of water, a smile, a mail order, a spindle of cds, an 18 hour lineup, a border shakedown, a setbreak, the statistics conversations, my planning fetish, a really late night, a really early morning and most important to me: a “Hell Yeah!” with fists pumped to the sky, all for the love of Phish music.

Peace and Love my friends,


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1.A band breaking up - a disappointment

2.A life being taken too early/young - upsetting.

3.Musicians I like/love continuing to create music but on different paths - awesome,look forward to whats ahead.

4. musicians I like/love not around to create music anymore - upsetting

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