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WHoooooa! What a fantastic weekend. How was yours? Mine couldnt have gone any better. A friend and I headed up to my folks cabin's friday evening around 9 after he got off of work. The ride from here to trout creek was so smooth. Aswome tunes crankin, kindest smoke smoking and some of the finest conversation. Then as we got on to highway 522 heading into golden valley, we noticed we were pretty much running on empty. But surprisingly enough we made into camp about 45 mins later with the gas indicator below empty.

The next morning, bright and early we had our canoe packed to the tits and were on our way back to the first lake of the portage, deer lake. The sun was shinning brighter then ever, the wildlife and scenery was more then alive and the fun was all just begining. Once we arrived at deer we never wasted a second ( well maybe a few... Gots to take a hoot) ::. Then we were back on the water paddling our asses back another lake to our final destination , Dog Lake. There we spent the whole day pulling out 1 - 2lbs bass and the odd 3 lbs'ers. After an exahusting day we returned to our camp site to start preparing the fish for our big fish fry (never take more then what is needed). After a good hardy meal we went back on the lake and fished it till dark and then returned to the site for some night time activities. Night time deep in the bush is so much fun... You sit around the camp fire pounding beers and whisky, and ya listen for huge trees crashing over as the bears make their way closer in search for food. Lucky for us we didnt see any but early in the morn as we laid in the tent we heard something really big down by the water where we had prepared the fish. I felt like taking a look but didnt. I was just so drained from the portage. So I rolled over and went back to bed. Around 7 am we packed up our gear, fished dogs shore lines again and made our way back into deer lake. There we would set up camp for our last night before we would have to retun to the smogg ridden hole we call hamilton. There is were my buddy pulled out the biggest fish of the trip wieghing in around 4 lbs. Was another succesful portage through the bush. Everyone caught fish and the weather couldnt have been more perfect...

HOT DANM!!! Good times... ::

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I'd love to put some of the pics up for yas too see but im not a computer friendly person... We got lots of pics and some short video clips. Some day ill figure out all this bussiness.

HEY SECOND TUBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You up for some fishing in august?

Matt and jaybay are planning a week in the back bush, possibly fox lake and then some. Pm me or something bros.

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