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BT help......Opening ports

jay sanislo

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Hey guys need some help here. I heard if you open some ports you will get faster speeds. I am barely reaching 2k a second. I know the more users the faster but this is for every show i try to download so i think i need to open the ports. I am downloading Conventry of STG and you would think this would be flying, i imagine tons of people are on this. Is this my problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Is it because i have sympatico high speed and not cable? I dont have a clue here folks.

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You should only have to open up your ports if you have a router or firewall. BT might be reading your ip wrong as well, in which case you should be able to go online and find out what your exact address is, then go into your BT program and make sure that it knows your proper IP. It's always easier said than done I'm afraid, Tasha picked up a wireless router last week and I did all the necessary changes but the program will still not give me a green light, even though the speeds are acceptable. The moral of the story:

Computers are a bitch.

here's a link that might help:

port forwarding help

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Jay,there is only one seed for that coventry show right now (09/28),might have somthing to do with the slow download.(9 leeches though)

Try this if you have XP,this is the best way to configure your XP firewall:


Here's the heading page with other info for BTs:


Lastly,you may want to check with the STG tracker to see exactly how many seeds & leeches are there & save this link,its very helpful while downloading:


I really only check this link while looking for torrents to download,find it alot easier myself.Although this is a temp tracker until they get the good one back running.

Cheers buddy.

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