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  1. I went out on book rd and got home with no traffic issues. The way in I tell ya was a joke. Left the house at 730 to pick up friends, hoping to get there for sheepdogs (an hr is plenty of time for me to get there, usually 20min) Went in the back way and still waiting in a pretty decent line. Took us about 45 more min from the line, apparently not bad compared to the others who went the other way so I hear. Got there half way into city and colour set and left during last song. Once in though the vibe was nice but too bad it took us forever to get in............Good luck to whoever tries to go today, unless they sort out this mess....
  2. glad it was great! WIsh I could have made it!
  3. if this is with dave rawlings I have to be there! obviously duh! Only thing with it being monday and having all my vacation time booked already hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
  4. I am actually playing in two bands this Saturday night if interested. First on banjo with a few buds on 12 string and a violin. Then drums with Impossible stone to end the night. Waltz live music club.
  5. great! Thanks for sharing!
  6. Started watching some of this last night and I am suprised at how good the stream is. Gonna try to watch the rest of this throughout the day!
  7. HOly shit, JD Crowe! I gotta try to make it this year!
  8. Festival of friends will NOT! be the same if in ancaster! Im not liking this idea. Might be for the better but ive been goin all my life down to this festival and cant see it anywhere else. Kinda Sad.
  9. Good call on music moose, ive learned lots of Banjo off that site!
  10. Its weird, when I go to device manager it shows them and when I update driver it says im up to date. There is a yellow exclamation mark on both cd and dvd drivers. I was actually just thinking of getting one of these external hard drive thingys the other day bacon! Good call. also has something to do with code 41 or something like that.
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