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Rideau Street Saturday Night...


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Hey, thanks to everybody who made it out to Mavericks last night! Comfort Station rocked :: and RGD rolled Beethoven over :: We all had a great time. I should get my voice back in a couple of days, so all is good. Let me mention that TMNS are playing 'Dead at that club on December 11.

To those who are heading to Bob Wiseman at the Saw today; enjoy!


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You should be at my desk right now, Tang, 'cause I'm running the CS set :), and it sounds really good, both sonically and musically. That was the strongest CS set I've seen so far, and I really like the new stuff.

Real Gone Daddies blew me away. Really good songs (written to be harder than they have to be), really good playing, and a lot more jamming than I'd heard from them before. The addition of the keyboards adds to the sound, but doesn't change it significantly from what it was before (this is a good thing, IMO).

I also found the combination of the two bands worked really well, stylistically; it was a really good match that I hope is repeated in the near future.



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