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Credit Union advice


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now that i'm back living in Toronto i need to open an account somewhere

i HATE using banks (they have enough money) and would really like to continue using a credit union

can anyone recommend a good one in Toronto!?

An East York branch would be most convenient


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When I needed a loan when I lived in Toronto I went to CS Coop. www.cscoop.ca

They have only one location in Toronto though I think. They were good to me for normal banking and a personal loan.

When my loan was paid off in full and I never missed or was late on a payment for the four year duration, I went to them for a mortgage. They turned me down.

So it was bitter sweet with them for me..... Good luck.

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thanks Ms.Hux

but i see that they have 2 branches

one in Scarborough and the other in Willowdale (where ever that is!)

think they might be too far to make it worth my while though

can i ask who did give you and Mike your mortgage? A bank or another credit union in Ottawa??

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