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  1. I certainly did make it out to the show. It was a great evening. No drummer, so it was all strings and all beautiful. Thank you very much Mr, Photogeek
  2. Mapache are returning to Toronto. This time opening for Allah - Las November 24th - Lee’s Palace https://youtu.be/cVKO_KyZIa4 https://youtu.be/OGwDRZqm4Pc
  3. it's mentioned in the jambase link posted by edger
  4. https://instagram.com/benj_rowland?igshid=1o5aov0rtas4d
  5. Not sure if you tracked down the defunct “The County Boys” or not, but Benj Rowland was the banjo player. You could message him on Instagram https://instagram.com/benj_rowland?igshid=1o5aov0rtas4d
  6. Haha thanks for the morning laugh phishtaper
  7. I played golf up in King City on Friday and didn't get back to the beaches until 9pm ☹️ sorry i missed the show
  8. Woodstock Weekend is also happening (w/ Mars Hotel & others) in Toronto at the CNE https://theex.com/main/entertainment/music/cne-bandshell/woodstock-weekend/
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