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Kid Koala - Feb 25 Kingston


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Credit must be given to CFRC's Mike Sallot for an excellently written post.

Around the world, Kid Koala is widely regarded as one of the best DJs to ever step to the 1s and 2s (that's DJ slang for turntables).

He has released two classic albums on the taste making Ninja Tune label and has gone around the world and back spinning records for legions of adoring fans. In Japan and England, he is revered as a God (no joke). He even opened up for Radiohead on the Kid A tour.

In the past few years, most of the times he found his way to Kingston, it was with his band Bullfrog.

The last time they came to Kingston (January 2004), Bullfrog brought a different dynamic to the stage. Marc Roberston had taken over vocal duties and long gone was the sing-song hip hop style that everyone was expecting. Instead we got some watered down soul music and Kid Koala's turntable wizardry took a back seat to the Robertson solo trip. At the end of the night, Kid Koala got a chance to perform his cut up version of "Moon River" which left the audience collectively drooling at the mouth. Wow!

But in the words of Marc Robertson "In this band, he's just Eric". While this may be true, fans were dying to hear more Kid Koala! They wanted to dance the "Roboshuffle" for chrissakes!!

Well, Kingston, you are in luck!

Kid Koala will be performing at CFRC's monthly dance party (Dance To The Underground, you might have heard of it). What makes this show so special is that you get nothing but Kid Koala for one very special evening. This is the only solo date he is playing in Canada and it's going to be a straight up DJ set. It's a one-off dream come true!

Come and check him out Friday, February 25 at the Elixir Nightclub.

This is going to be a night to remember! (Like the time Mix MasterMike was DJing so hard at the Elixir that he made his monitor explode live on stage).

Tickets are on sale now at UBS Exchange, Zap Records, Brian's Record Option, Renaissance Music, Elixir and www.rockcrew.ca

D R One and DJ Grand Theft are also on the bill

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Sorry for the last minutedness of this, but:

Tune into CFRC this evening at 10 PM for an interview with D R ONE and DJ Grand Theft, who will be supporting Kid Koala this Friday at Elixir! Rock Crew's own Chris Morris will also be taking part. The program is Fever Pitch, hosted by Mike Sallot. CFRC is available for your listening pleasure at 101.9 FM, or online at http://www.cfrc.ca

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