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  1. that last set last night was one of the best sets of live music I have seen in some time! As Ms. Hux said, my soul feels full! Thank you Nero and great to see so many familiar faces
  2. Tickler


    I am leaving Kingston right now.. I hope to be there on time.!! See ya there!
  3. hey bob, looking forward to being back in NB and checking you and the band out....but especially you...
  4. so are they available at mavericks or not? I am on Ottawa for a few days and need to pick some up. This is a not to be missed event.
  5. That show rejuvinated me big time. It had been so long since live music has given me that feeling. The jams were loud and intense at times. I loved Sand and drifting, I could have left after those two songs/jams and have been happy.
  6. Don't miss these guys. You will regret it forever.
  7. nice, just as I leave for the summer, out come the sweet Kingston shows.
  8. do you do this and take 10 days off work and life in general. Your energy levels must be very low. It just does not seem healthy to not eat for 10 days. I am going to read up on it though. Congrats for those who did it.
  9. I am along the lines that if they are making any type of effort for the money, then I usually give them some. Anybody can sit on their ass and yell at me as I walk by. Some of them I swear wisper they speak so low, but you know its coming the moment you see them there. I always acknowledge their presence and say sorry or that I have no change though. I think its important to at least show them that I at least have the respect to answer their question. In China it was unreal. The beggars that I saw there were the most deformed humans I have ever seen. One guy had no limbs and just laid there on his stomach with a tin can in front of him and he just kept bobbing his head. I was told that these people are severly taken advantage of and are dropped off and picked up everyday by their "caretaker" and that most of the money does not even go to them. It was very very sad.
  10. I want to go really bad, since its only 30 minutes from Muskoka too. But that is really expensive for Jon Stewart.
  11. happy birthday Dave. Great partying with ya and watching your sweet skillz on the guitar.
  12. nice work aberg, sounds great. It was so nice to see BNB again. They were smokin last night. Its too bad such a good room has gone to shit.
  13. Tickler

    I'm old.

    fuck, now I feel old. I wish to God I was 23 again though.
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