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  1. Looking for a spare ticket for tonight... anybody got one?
  2. This was a great show, and I got a really nice recording of it if anyone is interested.
  3. Gotta be the Dirty South, after that check out Southern Rock Opera... followed by Decoration Day and then Blessing and a Curse. I hear the new one kicks major arse too.
  4. I'm sure there are still tickets left. I'm going to all 3 shows. Leaving K-W early AM on the 29th, and returning on the 1st. I'm staying with a buddy from Dallas at a hostel (meeting him there). If you want a lift, let me know.
  5. bump, anyone want a lift to chicago for this run? Looking to share gas money and have some good company for the trip down... I'm leaving from K-W.
  6. Alright, I'll try and propose the idea to them...
  7. Brad, For live music, I think you can make ANYTHING work! hahah, you should consider it!
  8. Anybody thinking of hitting this up... 1, 2, or maybe all 3? I haven't looked into the logistics of tickets and hotels, but I really wanna go for at least 1 of the shows and check out the city. I can drive and if there's anyone in southern ontario wanting to go on a road trip, let me know!
  9. I'll be there, haven't seen the bus in ages. Probably over 2 years ago now... should be a good time.
  10. Yeah, it was an awesome time. I unfortunately tore down my gear after Dave's 2nd set as I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore and had to drive 45min back to k-w... Thanks for the great show Dave, I was very very impressed with the new stuff. Sorry I didn't find you before leaving. If you've got your setlist handy, fire me a PM or something with the track names so I can get this out to the masses. I can mail you a copy on CD if you'd like too. Cheers.
  11. I saw can-o-phish record Sisters Euclid using a Mac laptop' date=' running (IIRC) ProTools: he had stereo mics (through an M-Audio box? to USB?) into two channels, and a feed from the soundboard, via a small Edirol mixer (which had a digital output; firewire, maybe?) into two others. I also mailed him my aud source. Aloha, Brad[/quote'] I bet that came out real nice. I'm trying to slim down how much crap I lug out to shows these days though. Most shows I tape I can never get a board patch either. My rig is strictly 2-ch as a result. Maybe eventually I'll get into the 4-ch world. Brad, what shows are you making the trip down to TO for coming up?
  12. That recording came out quite nice when matrixed... but we were using the same recorders so it was a little easier to do. We need to get an R-4 or something.
  13. Your mics are wondering whether they might be happier on-stage (carefully positioned to catch both the sound from the amp and the body of the acoustic guitar) tonight during Lauzon's set' date=' possibly to be matrixed, after the fact, with aberg83's source. (Seriously, and for the record[ing'] , thanks, guys.) Aloha, Brad That's not a bad idea ... I have another set of mics too.. some Beyer MC930s and AKG 460 actives, but only one pre/recorder, my 702. We'll see what gear shows up and figure something out.
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