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Second (Acoustic) Stage at Come Together Fest

mark tonin

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Here is some more info about the second (acoustic) stage that will be at this year's May Come Together Music Festival. Hopefully we'll see some skanks on this stage!


Mark Crissinger and Jay Cleary are organizing a second stage at this year's May Come Together Music Festival. This stage will provide an opportunity for musicians to perform in an acoustic format, and it will be run in a similar fashion to the way an "open stage" is run at a bar. There will be a pa system set up for musicians to use, with mics and stage monitors. The thought is that solo musicians, duos, and acoustic acts will be able to perform on this stage. The stage will also provide an opportunity for some spontaneous jamming to occur.

The current plan is to have this stage operating on Saturday and Sunday, from mid-afternoon until early evening. If you are planning on attending the festival, and you know for sure that you want some time on this stage to perform, you should email Mark Crissinger at cautionjam@yahoo.com to sign up for a time slot. Mark will be creating a schedule for the stage. The schedule will include the names of those who have signed up, but it will also include some blank time slots to accomodate other musicians that want to play, and to allow for spontaneous jamming to occur.

Many talented musicians always attend the Come Together Music Festivals. A number of them don't perform on stage, but rather at campsites and around campfires. Our hope with this second stage is to give campfire musicians an opportunity to perform on stage.


Peace, Mark T.

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