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The New Deal - Summer Camp 2003

american nomad

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Holy Shit. This is the first time that I had the privilege of seeing The New Deal live.

It was a very exciting part of the weekend.

coincidence or not ~~~ but I had just finished commenting to my vending neighbors about Canada (including my trip there last summer for Phil/Nero), about what great family and kindness that I've experienced and wouldn't you know it.....

(From the stage) ~something to the effect of ~ ...."we're gonna keep groovin' and it's gonna get hot, who's thirsty?" as Darren Shearer throws bottles of water into the crowd

Unknowned to me but it just so happened that the vendors next to us were a group of Canadians (who now live on the highways and bi-ways of the U.S.).

Also ~

A few of my friends were commenting about how they didn't like techno-e sounding music even when actually played with instruments.

Let me tell you, by the end of the set, they were all dancing, cheering and grooving.

The New Deal definitely grabbed their attention. They even asked me to get them some live bootlegs. "Dude, you got friends up there, do you think they could hook us up?"

So, My question is -----

Can somebody hook me up?

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Also, I believe jamhub.ca is hosting a recent show.

Good to hear tND is still blowing minds! I haven't been as obsessed with them as much lately as I have been in the past but I know they are oh-so-good and it's just a matter of a couple of killer shows before I'm obsessed again!

Darren's a real nice guy, taboot taboot! [big Grin]

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Del-Head ------- I'm not a trader, too busy on the road vending and running my website but I would still love to get some of The New Deal from you. I've heard the term B&P thousands of times but never asked what it meant - I assume that if I replace the discs and pay for postage, is that correct?


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