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Toronto Icon/Busker and Mayoral Candidate Ben Kerr Dead @ 75


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Anyone who has lived in Toronto, or even visited the Yonge/Bloor intersection of the city will remember Ben Kerr. I lived at Yonge & Bloor for 5 years ( until the fall of 2003 ), and even now living on The Danforth, I still would see Ben every week as I treked off to Spirit's Bar & Grill or shop at the Bay.

Ben Kerr stood on the north-east corner of Yonge & Bloor ( in front of the Bay/Royal Bank ) for decades, singing his country tunes, rain or shine, winter, spring, summer or fall. He ran for mayor on many occassions, appeared on talk shows like Mike Bullard and Breakfast TV, had articles written about him and even was a health/energy food spokesman. He was a kind, erasable man, and to be honest, his country tunes were pretty darn good too - someone should have got him in a recording studio.

Ben will be missed. I will miss him. Ben will always be part of my Toronto. He in many ways represents everything that is good about Toronto.


I wish there were some better photos of Ben. He always wore a worn white t-shirt and an old Blue Jays hat:


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