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  1. Wow, remembered my login! Looks good, Mike - nice job .
  2. Game of Thrones Saxondale ( )Archer
  3. Very happy for you . And very cool - and downright desperately important - area of research to boot. Way to go!
  4. It's been an interesting set of deviations from the books. They do a good job delving into the horrors that the books do - to the point where, having read it, I don't really find some of the really intense scenes bear repeated viewing. But the streamlining of the story to fit the medium has been working out creatively, imo. Peter Dinklage as Tyrion continues to rock, and the depth of the performances by the others too is amazing. It's just frustrating in the end to have to look forward to a finite but very long term resolution of all of the plotlines.
  5. Shhhhhhh! Finished book 5 last summer, now re-reading no. 2. Quite right, they are going to be making changes in the show that will no doubt be interesting in their own right.
  6. For anyone who's in the neighbourhood, I'll be doing a set around 4, courtesy of my friend Mindy (Dynamite Motel), who hosts a bi-weekly thing there from 4-7 Saturdays. Dead requests honoured .
  7. Now that the semester is semi-officially done, I think I can finally make it out next time. May the setlist continue to be awesome .
  8. Reckon I should be in for tonight. Looking forward to it. What's the usual turnout, if there be such a thing?
  9. Hm, not looking good for tonight for me, but I've got it on the calendar for next week, for sure. Btw, is that 1250 Main St N, or S? Apparently there are both in Stittsville (not far apart, apparently, but this is what Google Maps tells me). We'll have to take the place over with full-on Dead tunes some night .
  10. This is very good to know! Will have to check it out very soon.
  11. Cool. Will have to get out to at least one of the ones remaining.
  12. Brilliant. This is going to colour my imagination for every Tom Waits tune I listen to from now on.
  13. Jack Layton's Jedi Mind Trick
  14. Yeah, I was trying to pace myself towards the end, but failed completely. But now I get to start over from the beginning again too. I'm sure I didn't quite get every detail and nuance (nor remember who the hell was who by book 5).
  15. Very fine band, Sharon - so glad I got out to see it. Second the floated notion that you guys would be perfectly suited for Bluesfest. Your singing is utterly wonderful.
  16. Yeah, that was a damned fine season opener. Very good to keep up with the unexpected turns of event (though I did suspect that thing to possibly happen). Now hurry up already with the next season of Game of Thrones - just nine months to go!
  17. Pretty scary. I was in Aylmer when the front hit, and saw the thing traveling down the river, lifting water into the air; people on the beach were drenched before it even started raining. Branches and even trees started flying, a boat was flipped upside down, and then I thought the entertainment value of the thing was pretty much exhausted. Thank God nobody was seriously hurt.
  18. Looking forward to checking this out .
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