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More Wilco News (Free show and downloads)


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Hey there Wilco fans,

First of all, for anyone in the area, Wilco is playing for FREE at the Commerica Tastefest in Detroit on July 2. That's looking like a go for me (2hrs from London) Anybody in?

And if you weren't aware, if you bought Yankee Hotel Foxtrot (shame on you if you don't own this album yet) you can download a free EP of 6 songs from their website - wilcoworld.net

I still haven't bought a ticket yet for the 20th as I don't know if I'll be able to go. Last word, still available?

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dude...my car is a granny car. we should take that. i'm in for a carpool good time. i've seen wilco before and they really humbled me. totally awesome show. great attracting for one of the 'another roadside attractions' that i miss from my summers.

drop me a line. 433-1733

cheers, scottie!

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