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Re: My "Crazy Video" post


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I wasn't trying to offend anyone... Sorry if it was deemed too violent... I figured everyone here was of a consenting age and thought a few people would be interested in seeing it... Basically it was a video of a dude getting a "smilie"... A "curb stomp" video whch seemed a little too real for some people on here to get a grip on... Oh well.. If anyone here would like a link to it PM me and I'll hook you up... Sorry for offending anyone who felt it was "too much" for jambands.ca...

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I totally accept that apology and I almost dont know why. I didnt even watch it, yet somehow was able to warn folks about the content. Just put a pointer to the page - link next time, based on what Bouche said.

For the rest of you, if you watched it and knew you shouldnt, its time to put the pipe down.

(Jaimoe, you are hilarious)

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