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Johnny Cash cover by U2 tonight in Toronto? 9/12


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It was two years ago to the day that the greatest country musician that ever lived Johnny Cash passed away.

Many U2 fans know Johnny for performing "The Wanderer" on the 1993 U2 album 'Zooropa.' It would be great if U2 tonight paid tribute to Cash by performing that song and/or the Cash classic "Don't Take Your Guns To Town" which U2 recorded in the late nineties and appeared as a B-side during the 'Pop' album.

From www.billboard.com

THIS DAY IN MUSIC for Monday September 12, 2005.

2003 - Country music icon Johnny Cash dies at 1 a.m. ET of heart failure at Nashville's Baptist Hospital, stemming from complications from diabetes. He is 71, and had been in poor health for several years. His wife, vocalist June Carter Cash, died May 15 following heart surgery.

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This is what Bono wrote for a promotional birthday card for Johnny Cash when many of Cash's Columbia albums were re-released in 2002.


Locuts and honey...not since John The Baptist has there been a voice like that crying in the wilderness. The most male voice in Christendom. Every man knows he is a sissy compard to Johnny Cash. What most do not know is that this most mighty of men was once nearly slain by an emu. Fact. I know this because Johnny told me on a tour of his private zoo next to his property in Nashville. he wasn't joking, and neither am I when I tell you that I felt a lot better about myself as a man on hearing this. Pass it on...


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