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Cubase & Firebox Help (Recording)


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I'm trying to use a Presonus Firebox hooked up (Firewire) to my Thinkpad laptop. It's a 2GHz laptop with 768MB of RAM (should be able to handle it). I'm using Cubase SE to handle the multi-track recording. I've defragmented my drive several times (using DiskKeeper). I've set the latency as high as it will go for the Firebox (28ms I think). I've set the CPU utilization to LOW. I've booted my laptop to an absolutely minimum configuration (using msconfig). BUT, whenever I record from mic (Rode NT4), I get all kinds of digital popping and cut-outs. I've adjusted my inputs on both the Firebox and in Cubase to ensure that it's not clipping that I'm hearing but that makes no difference.

Any help? Please?

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Hey Willy;

Should be no problem recording 2 tracks at 24bit 96k with that setup - I'm going to guess a couple things aren't talking to each other that should...first guess would be timing - make sure the firebox is set to be the 'master clock' and it's not slaving to the sp/dif input or something else. Don't think that model has wordclock but if it does make sure it's off.

Also, if you have XP, turn all the graphics shit way down, or install another bootable version of XP with all the graphics turned down so you can use that when recording.

Check out the site www.tweakxp.com, lots of info there on streamlining. With my RME card I had to do a few things:

-set the paging file to a static size(3GB is good)

-set Processor Scheduling to 'background services'

hope this helps!

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