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I was gifted a sirius sat. receiver on xmas and I activited as easily as Basher had described. I think the JamON station will be playing pretty regularly. 3rd song ever played on it was Garcia 'the harder they come'. I love the playlist. We even got to hear Brother's Past and Tea Leaf Green. Trey just came on.

We got a portable unit that we can transfer between the car and the home...I plan on getting it hooked up to the car properly, but also discovered that I could get a new car deck with an iPod interface along with the Sirius interface for much less than I was aware of.

Talking with the dude on the phone to activate, he said that the 'lifetime sub' is probably not going

to be available after Jan.31st.

This subscription thing is very fishy to me...since you have to get a sub for each receiver. The lifetime one may not even be transferrable to a new receiver. Has anyone looked into this stuff yet? I don't really mind subscribing monthly at all since the service is totally worth it, but I do not want to shell out $600 and find out that lifetime doens't really mean lifetime.

I must say, it's really incredible not to have to cart around discs in order to keep the music flowing.

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