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Bruce Blair (of The Bayou) Tribute Nights - Ottawa


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Hey everyone.. for those of you Ottawa people who may be interested, there is a group in the process of putting together two tribute nights for Bruce Blair (of The Bayou, we all remember what went down there).

Jim Roy (of Jim Roy's Ottawa Blues, Jazz & Swing Guide ), Wayne Nichol, their main working group and blues & jazz sub groups are working towards two tribute nights, one for jazz on Wed, 8 March and one on the blues side Thurs. 9 March.

Larry Church is coordinating the blues side line-up and Gaby Warren the jazz side.

They are still very much in the planning stages but are looking for interested bands. If anyone is interested in being a part of the event you can contact either Larry Church at blues4u@rogers.com or Gaby Warren at gjazz@sympatico.ca

If you just want more information on how you can help get this event going you can contact Jim Roy at jim.roy1@sympatico.ca

I'll post more info as I get it if people are interested. I've already asked them to contact The Music Never Stopped (always a favourite at The Bayou) to see if they would be up for putting down a few tunes.

Anyway, there ya go. Hopefully they can pull this off.. could be a couple of great nights of good music and better jams.

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they are going with very loose definitions of jazz and blues.. for instance if Inglewood Jack played we'd probably get lumped into the jazz night.. TMNS would go into the blues category..

apparently the first band opening the blues night is like a cajun/folk/country kinda band.. so that's opening up the definition of blues in my mind

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