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Vanderpark hits Guelph and Hamilton


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Greetings fellow music fans,

Some more gig announcements coming down the pipe as Vanderpark gears up for a crucial home and home series as we take on Guelph Friday night followed by Hamilton on Saturday (neither one being Vanderpark’s home but it’s close enough). Should be a close match but critics predict both nights will be rockin' hard as we try to close out two big shows on the

way to our drive for the summer tour. Here are the stats for Friday and

Saturday's match up:


live in concert

Friday April 7th

Jimmy Jazz (52 Macdonell Street)

Guelph, Ont.

Vanderpark playing All Night Long (we might do that song as well)

Saturday April 8th

Pepperjacks Cafe (38 King William)

Hamilton, Ont

w/ Kae Sun & What The Thunder Said

(2 Great bands that will make one excellent night of music)

Cover: $6

Taking the stage: 10:30




Also Vanderpark has new t-shirts in 3 different designs! Wanna get your

hands on some??? e-mail us back here and we'll hook you up!!!

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There'd be half a riot and then they'd forget what they were talking about.....that'd continue until someone passed them a joint....then they'd giggle and groove to the band outside.

Silly hippies.

Have fun at the Jazz....it's a good place to be.

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Congrats on the cover Shain.

I wish I could be here to support these shows, but alas the Rancho Relaxo beckons.

Heve fun in my favourite city, and don't let these critical music fans push you around...just tell 'em to get drunk, and let 'em know it's alright to dance.

Good luck.


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