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Yea, it sounds like memory incompatability to me too. The monitor is working fine, it's that the system doesn't get far enough to provide any video to it. Sometimes memory has to be matched in pairs or even groups of four and sometimes the slot used is important too.

Yup. Try the stick in all the other slots and if it doesn't work, Willy's answer'd be mine too. Take it back to the store and tell them it didn't work. One good thing would be to see if you can grab the motherboard Name and Model if you can see it (should be the biggest writing on the board) so that if you go back to the store you can make sure you get RAM that will be compatible no matter what.

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Looks like you got lots of good help. Did you get everything sorted out, Freeker?

If not, if you post what type of MB you have and what type of ram you bought, we might be able to help out more.

What Basher said is important too ... a lot of times, people don't bother attaching an internal speaker when putting together systems these days, but they are still pretty important for listening for POST errors in situations like this ...

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