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Subtle (featuring Dose One) April 17 Drake Underground - MUST SEE


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I don't know that I make too many 'must see' prognostications but catching the live ensemble Subtle with indy hip hop wunderkind Dose One is a very safe bet. Dose is like a much cooler and far more eccentric, not too mention slick and wickedly smart version of say Buck 65 (they have collaborated variously one that comes to mind is an old Anticon track called Chatting Clouds - both very young at the time). Anyways subtle is a new west coast live group that is really turning heads, Dose lives in Vancouver now and is splitting his time between the Canadian and American west coasts. Search around for some Dose One to get a feel, you'd have to be into hip hop especially brainy left field indy type stuff. Subtle's new album 'The New White' is pretty unbelievable. Fog and Jel (who is in Themselves with Dose) are also appearing. This is a cheap ($10) and undoubtedly prolific show coming our way.



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