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  1. I haven't thought about Jojo Mayer and Nerve in ages.
  2. Missed the Zeus show for CMW. Did anyone catch it, the instore at Sonic Boom was cool, kind of figured Bahamas would be the guest and he'd slug it out with them a bit.
  3. Gotta agree with a handful of people's calls. Sandro Perri's is probably my favourite of the year but I have to agree with Scottie about Fruit Bats Tripper being imminently re-listenable, likewise with that Gillian Welch album which is handily top 5. Likewise with Tune-Yards W H O K I L L -which is just stupid stupid good. The Weeknd House of Balloons needs to be in any top ten and I'd throw Frank Ocean, Nostalgia Ultra in there as well.
  4. I took a second or third stab at the setlist of the first night. I think people's ears, including mine play tricks on them, and memory informed by other people's memory's ingrains those tricks. For instance I don't think Dove's Cry was part of the sampler set. I think he played that proper from the centre of the T. That's my recollection. How many teases or interpolations you can pick out or others picked out is interesting.
  5. He definitely psyched out good chunks of the audience who streamed out after what seemed like the arc of the show- Purple Rain closer, Kiss encore. Then Dove's Cry and the whole sampler mini set onslaught. "1 Got Too Many Hits!!!"
  6. I looked over that princevault setlist and the gaps in my squirrely notes make more sense. This is the compiled setlist the way we'd right it out. A lot of teases and interpolations need to be asterisked in. In Pop Life for instance I'd agree that Scrapple From The Apple was a brief interpolation - and uhm fucking Pop Life! Likewise in Musicology there was a tighten up tease or interpolation. I'd say though that they played Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough proper out of Cool - it was truncated but not embedded.
  7. This is my best stab at the setlist. I can't read my notes at a few points but I don't think I was certain of those titles. I'm sure there's a lot of blanks to fill in. The whole medley where he went to the baby grand but just used it as a synth and to trigger samples and sequences was just fucking redonculous. Prince Toronto Setlist
  8. It was stubhub, we had to be pretty tenacious and had a few private sellers interested in sections we liked but they fell through and that was exactly the seats I would have wanted to pull through ticketmaster so we jumped obviously. I like the sound of the Hamilton rehearsals....
  9. Grabbed a couple of tics with great sitelines (322, row 13, aisle) for ten bucks under face withhout service charges. Beyond psyched.
  10. zero

    James Blake

    Seriously I love this guy. What was the Joni cover?
  11. Word of mouth and 'acclaim' work in such funny ways. A friends yoga instructor and a bunch of students are all excited about this show. You know you're in when yogis are flocking to you.
  12. His words not mine, I'm going to say it's like post second verse and the mode or style of the song sort of shifts in the composition itself. Notably Brad's take on Nathan's song (?) which amplifies my point a bit about their creative process, in SMMD you have Brad being able to bounce proper song and lyrical ideas off Nathan in a fuller- or just different- way say than with his brother and Marc. To your second point I don't think there's either the interest or economics for Marc to be a 'Barr Brother'. He seems genuinely to be engaged in his engineering work, what gigs and sessions he does work, and I guess life in New Bedford, Mass.
  13. Just further on the Marc's a monster tip- it's his role in the creative process that's engaging to see having not seen him influence say the Barr Bros. An interesting thing in general about the Slip in soundcheck and night to night, with the more songwriter oriented later work, is that they constantly revise and tweak versions and renditions. The night of the Toronto show after soundcheck and in the band room Brad jumped into a dialogue with Nathan about Roses (In Bottles) to the effect that he liked it up until this one part (you'll hear it now that I mention it) where it changes and gets 'all emo-y' and that maybe that whole bit should get scrapped or rewritten. Nathan starts to play it, the brothers and he sing it a capella. Marc's kind of making light of the whole thing and doing some rap breakdown. Then he sort of seriously ventures: "We could play it better."
  14. I've seen that look many times. Marc was in fine top snarky sardonic form before the show, spent most of the show eyes closed deep in the pocket- in short Marc was all over it in the way only he can.
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