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Garcia/Weir on Letterman


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::Praying I see the levitation of Garcia::

thas another episode, its out there somewhere:

Late Night Levitation!

BAND Jerry Garcia & Bob Weir

DATE 09/17/87


CITY New York City


The Late Show with David Letterman

Lineage: Broadcast > ? > Hi-Fi VHS > ATI All-in Wonder 128

VirtualDub Capture using HuffYUV > frameserve to TMPGenc using VCD NTSC template (via Awolfoutwest69)

Prepared and Seeded by MattMan (mcoleATsun.science.wayne.edu)

Interviews & Performance: Classic!

Track 1

Opening skit w/Jerry and David playing Scrabble > Dave's monologue//

Track 2

Out-jam/In-jam: All Along the Watchtower

Track 3

When I Paint My Masterpiece > Interview (include Bob's parlor trick of levitating Jerry)

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in searching for that other Letterman show found this amusing tidbit:

Grateful Dead 9/18/87, Madison Square Gardens

At the start of the show, as a goof on their Letterman appearance, Bobby urged the crowd to "levitate Garcia."

classic :)

I picture at least 80% of the crowd giving it their best.

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