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Old school reefer songs for 420 - download inside


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I downloaded a torrent a while ago with a collection of old time songs about weed, it's a blast. I figured given the occasion I'd offer up the tunes for download. The quality is pretty basic, given that these tunes date from the first half of the last century. Lots of hilarity though, like this moment from Don Redmond's "Reefer Man":

"Oh no, you never met the Reefer Man? And yet you say you'd swim to China, and you wanted to sell me South Carolina? I believe you know the Reefer Man!"

There's also lots of awesome big-band swing jazz playing; dig the clarinet solo in Trixie Smith's "Jack, I'm Mellow" and the piano in Barney Bigard's "Sweet Marijuana Brown". Here's the tracklist:

Don Redmond - Reefer Man (1932)

Cab Calloway - The Man From Harlem (1932)

Stuff Smith - Here Comes the Man With The Jive (1936)

Bob Howard - If You're A Viper (1938)

Benny Goodman - Texas Tea Party (1933)

Buster Bailey - Light Up (1938)

Trixie Smith - Jack, I'm Mellow (1938)

Barney Bigard Sextet - Sweet Marijuana Brown (1946)

Sidney Bechet - Viper Mad (1938)

The Harlem Hamfats - The Weed Smoker's Dream (1936)

Cee Pee Johnson - The "G" Man Got The "T" Man (1945)

Andy Kirk - All The Jive Is Gone (1936)

Georgia White - The Stuff Is Here (1937)

Chick Web - Wackey Dust (1938)

Harry Gibson - Who Put the Benzedrive in Mrs. Murphy's Ovaltine? (1944)

Clarence Williams - Jerry The Junker (1934)

Fats Waller - Reefer Song (1943)

Julia Lee - Lotus Blossom (1947)

Ernest Rogers - Willie The Chimney Sweeper (1927)

Bea Foot - Weed (1938)

Buck Washington - Save The Roach For Me (1944)

Lil Green - Knockin' Myself Out (1941)

Cab Calloway - Minnie The Moocher (1933)

This is easier than a torrent for me because I'm on a new webspace with a TB of transfer monthly.

The songs are all VBR MP3s, looks like a peak of about 256. There's no text file but all artist, song and year info is in the MP3 tags.

It's a zip file, about 100MB, right-click and 'Save As': Reefer Songs

Enjoy and Happy 420!

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Thank you, Rev! I'm digging this immensely, not so much for the lyrical content (which is a blast; we think of marijuana culture as having arisen in the late 1960s in California, but these tracks prove it was there all over the place in the 1930s), but for the music! It's fun, it bounces, it swings! And some of the playing is flat-out smoking; if LPs had been around back then, I'm sure some of these tracks could have been much longer (and even bette).



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