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Metric on Carson Daly right now (2:25 AM) - time shift it beeyotches


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They played Glass Ceiling which could be viewed as the third single off of Live It Out (Monster Hospital, Live It Out, Glass Ceiling). The band was in now trademark black business suit, Emily interestingly was wearing her neo-fascistic sex kitten uniform (hot pants, sleeveless top) but interestingly all white and her hair was died more blond than usual. She played a cool almost steel pan riff on her keyboard which is new to the arrangement of the song. Also noticeable if you've observed her stage rapport or her up close is that she smiled in a very healthy way at the end of their song, touched clearly by their development and the rabid response from the studio audience. Glass Ceiling seemed an odd choice of song but the central theme 'break your own glass ceiling' seemed a particularly powerful message to send out to the nation.

Only know what I'm told, only know what I'm told

Fast asleep daydreaming

Start to push, break your own glass ceiling

Can't count, can't catch the pieces falling

Who let it end up on the ground

How am I gonna know you're letting me down

How did I end up on the ground

Only do what I'm told, only do what I'm told

Last to leave cold calling

You're gonna lose your arms, amputate plasticine

There's no knight in silver armor shining

Who let it end up on the ground

How am I gonna know I'm letting you down

Who let it end up on the ground

How did he end up on the ground

Face down on the ground

Only go where I'm told, only know what I'm told

Inch to inches crowding

We can't leave, it's the last road open

Every speed on our knees is crawling

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