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Found on Urban Dictionary.com, I had no idea....

1. Skanc

2 thumbs up

Not to be confused with Skank...

An individual or forum or chat room member that dances around multiple threads or rooms spreading disgusting misleading foul or filthy rumors or assumptions regarding other members. Unlike a troll a Skanc will make repeated attacks on the individual even when the topic being discussed has nothing at all to do with the accusations or the person the Skanc is making the attacks on. Often times this is viewed as an "Ad-Homenim attack" but due to the relentless nature of the attacks the individual graduates from ordinary Troll to Skanc.

That Skanc wont give up. He is Skancing up the place.

What a Skanc! The Skanc just wont stop spouting off his Douche-Baggery.

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