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Phish: The Victor Disc


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perhaps this was mentioned on here already...I listened to it last night and think it's pretty boring.

download the Victor Disc

On December 19th, 2002, while Phish was in New York to appear on The Late Show With David Letterman, Trey and Page popped into a downtown recording studio sometime after midnight. Deciding to play, they called Fishman and Gordon, asking them to join. Phish then taped an extensive spontaneous jam session, and decided on the title, The Victor Disc, named after the session’s engineer.

The overwhelming feel of the album is organic improvisation. Looser than most Phish music, The Victor Disc is a portrait of a band reacclimating to each other by simply playing together. With no particular goal in mind, the band got into the studio and let it flow. If The Siket Disc was focused on psychedelic soundscapes, The Victor Disc is focused on looser jazz-based improvisation with a distinctly Phishy twist. When digging into the extensive album, one will find that the first few tracks that had leaked onto the Internet are hardly the highlights. Totaling two hours and twenty minutes of pure Phish improv, there are some golden moments hidden within.

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