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is making me very angry. i downloaded the first two seasons of Bones and subsequently my ratio dropped below 1. I thought "no problem, one of the things I've already dl'ed is really busy, i'll just join that swarm."

it wouldn't let me because my ratio was less than 1.

so then i thought "ok i'll upload a torrent."

it wouldn't let me upload. who knew it was so hard to get an uploader account at leecherslair?

Why can't I upload torrents?

Only specially authorized users (Uploaders) have permission to upload torrents.

What criteria must I meet before I can join the Uploader team?

You must be able to provide releases that:

• include a proper NFO,

• are genuine scene releases. If it's not on NFOrce or grokMusiQ then forget it!

• are not older than seven (7) days,

• have all files in original format (usually 14.3 MB RARs),

• you'll be able to seed, or make sure are well-seeded, for at least 24 hours.

Also, you should have at least 2MBit upload bandwith.

If you think you can match these criteria do not hesitate to contact one of the administrators.

Remember! Write your application carefully! Be sure to include your UL speed and what kind of stuff you're planning to upload.

Only well written letters with serious intent will be considered.

that's hard core.

i don't think i'm cool enough to upload anything. i guess i have to just sit here on these 2 torrents and hope that it sorts itself out in the next 4 days.

thanks for letting me vent. if you enjoyed the first two seasons of Bones and are a leecherslair member, it would make me very happy if you hit them up. i have invites but probably can't give them away becuase my ratio is less than 1 :)

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several days of seeding have finally got me back above 1.0 and out of trouble with leecherslair. just to rub it in, they sent me a message reminding me that this is bad behaviour and i should avoid this in the future.

the oink folks were so much nicer copyright violators...

i also noticed that one of their criteria for being an uploader is 2mb upload speed. i mean, come on, most of us dsl peons can hadly get 2mb down. oh well, as groucho marx said, i wouldn't want to be part of a club that would have me as a member.

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