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mp3 tagging question


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I'm hoping someone here has had to deal with this... thanks in advance for any useful insight.

I'm putting groups of songs together to fill mp3 discs. I want to keep the track numbers that correspond to each separate album, etc. that will make up the mp3 disc.

Is there a way to tag all files sequentially on each mp3 disc, perhaps under the 'grouping' category?

Right now I have the discs grouped as '001, 002, 003...' but I would like to be able to know what track number on the disc each song is. Each song would have a unique grouping tag: 001-1, 001-2, 001-3....

I can refer to the 001 playlist in itunes but that isn't very safe as the songs could be reorded. I am not aware of a playlist order locking feature.

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Thanks mattm, still can't figure it out though.

id3tagit does not allow drag and drop directly from itunes library.

I am using itunes. Files from several locations on my hard drive are grouped in itunes under the grouping '001' for example. Group '001' makes up one disc of mp3s. I want to further distinguish each song in the group so I can see what track number each song is on the mp3 disc.

I could go and separately change individual song's grouping to 001-1, 001-2 but that would take about 9 years.

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