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Hey ESAU - tech advice please.....

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First of all: Thanks for turning me on th STG and making become a complete music slave unable to leave my pc for any length of time....

2ndTube(the JzForum guru) told me to ask you for tape>cdr transferring advice regarding software etc... which do you prefer, Soundforge or Cool Edit Pro? I have a zillion shows awaiting the great digital divide so any advice(from anybody) is welcome...

Thanks again Norm (B&Z)

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Cheers,STG is very addictive,at least the downloading is,I can't go out without at least having one or two downloads going,at least 10 shows a week minimum,after I got introduced to bit torrent it was all over but the downloading,still have to figure out how to seed,I have tried it a few times and have been anything but successful.

I like Soundforge,although I have never tried cool edit yet,only thing is I like using SF5 better then SF6,I just deleted SF6 from my computer and am awaiting my buddy to bring SF5 over,just found SF5 to be easier to navigate,has the controls better displayed,easy to record with,editing options and audio levels all easy to see,adjust and firgure out,some of the effects are not needed(at least how I see it),rendering options on SF6 were not as easy to figure out for me too,all 'round I found SF5 easier then SF6,plus its the progam I learned how to use.I dont think I really figured SF6 out though,(my paitence ran thin).I know that SF7 is also out now,but unfortunatley my CPU does not meet the minimum system requirements.I need to get up to date here.

As I mentioned I havent tried Cool edit pro yet,I may have to give it a go when I get my deck fixed,until then I wont be doin any tranfering and like youeself I still have numerous shows to get on disc.

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